Be The World’s Best Dad- 9 Tips To Plan A Memorable Holiday With Your Kids

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When was the last time you spent some quality time with your kids? No, we’re not talking about eating together, silently, while watching TV. That’s not “quality”!

The time when you guys sat at once and had a long meaningful chat; the time when, together, you had too much fun; the time when you finally left your work at the office and showed just how much you love these little ones. Remember when you spent such quality time with them? No?

Often too busy in their own lives, fathers give less time to their kids. And we get I; there’s too much to take care of—own personal issues, things at the office and, of course, keeping up with everything happening in the sports world.

Are you one of these dads?

Show your kids one of your other sides this summer—a loving and caring side. Take them to an awesome holiday trip and give them (and yourself) the memories that they’ll cherish their whole lives.

Here are 9 tips to plan THE BEST trip with your kids-

You, Your kids, and some quality time

  1. Let them decide the destination

The holiday is for the kids. So, it makes more sense that they choose where they want to go. Of course, you’ll have to ensure that the destination is realistic to your budget. Give them leeway in deciding; give them multiple options and land at one place that suits everyone’s preferences.

  1. Start preparing in advance

Unlike traveling alone or with an adult, things could get quite hectic when with the kids. You have to make sure that things are fine with them and there’s a lot more to handle—from planning to booking. So don’t leave things till the last minute. For a smooth and stress-free experience, start preparing in advance.

  1. Look for one of the best travel agencies in India

Top travel agencies in India not only help you in booking and taking care of every aspect of your trip, but the ones who specialize in family trips, they also provide additional assistance and suggestion to ensure your kids have maximum fun. So lookout for one of the best travel agencies in India and let them handle things like a pro.

  1. Pack thoughtfully

You’re going to need to pack much more than just clothes, which make this task a bit tricky. If your kids are young, you should stash the bags with toys. Also, don’t forget to take medicines. To that, you must also be considerate to the weather condition of the destination; if it’s cold, pack all the warm clothes. All the while, you should be careful to ensure bags aren’t too heavy to carry.

  1. Be smart in your budget

Your kids might have some grand plans—from visiting an expensive destination to enjoying costly activities. Instead of saying “NO”, you should look out for smart ways to cut cost without compromising on the fun quotient of the holiday. Having one of the top Kolkata travel agencies can be a great help today that could help you save plenty in booking hotels and transportation.

  1. Fill in dull moments with planned activities

Since preparing in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to decide what you’re going to do on the holiday. Given kids get bored rather quickly, have fillers to fill in their dull moments. There are plenty of activities and games that can keep them (and you) excitingly busy. So, have such games and activities under your hat.

  1. Have them click pictures

Important-Let your kids handle the photography department.

  1. Join them in the fun

On holiday, it’s natural you’re going to want some ‘me time’. However, don’t spend too much time alone, but be with your kids instead. Be a part of their activities; go on rides with them, take swim together, share amazing moments together.

  1. Stop being a dad for some time

Don’t act like a dad for some time but be your kids’ friend. Instead of ordering them what to do and what not, let them decide things for themselves (if they’re old enough, of course). Take yourself back to your childhood days and act like one of them. Not only will they love this ‘new you’, you’ll have a blast yourself.

These are 9 simple tips to plan (and experience) a rocking trip with your kids. So give other dads new ‘daddy goals’. Take your kids to an awesome destination this summer vacation and induct yourself in the ‘best dad ever’ league.

Be The World’s Best Dad- 9 Tips To Plan A Memorable Holiday With Your Kids

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