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About Company

Discovery Holidays is a great company to work with & we have been around for 20 years and more. There are a lot of firsts we have undertaken, bringing smiles and complete satisfaction in the faces of our clients, travellers and everybody who touches us.

Our main focuses are - Individual travellers, Groups of companies (Meetings, Incentives, and Conferences), social (marriages, anniversaries, and birthdays) or just about any kind groups travelling and cruising. We take care of people anywhere and everywhere around the world.

We represent some brilliant world class companies such as Star Cruises, the leading cruise liner of Asia Pacific, Dream Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, & MSC cruises. This is a huge edge over most as we have direct access to their inventory and rates, making us a force to reckon with. We have thousands of passengers travelling on these cruises every year through us via a pan India network of agents & customers making us the top few companies in India for cruises.

Among the innovations and the contributions we have had to the trade and to the travellers, we invented the Religious travel on cruises, yes, Invented. This was a huge market which was unheard of and untapped, which was worked upon and launched way back in 2006. Since then loads of people have travelled, to places near & far.

We have been and always will, invest in people, training them, giving them practical’s by sending them on tours to give you a better experience. So many online sites have come about, but our business increases year on year. We did a survey in 2015 with a large database of our customers on why they book with us. The answer from most was a crisp - "you cannot beat a well trained person responding to your enquiries and advising you. Also, travel for me is leisure, not having to do the work to get there". That is so true!

It's been a beautiful journey till date and we see a fantastic way forward. Big thanks to everybody who allowed us to be part of their travel plans. Get in touch with us; we will take good care of you!