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Minus the actual hills and trail, life at Discovery Holidays is like hiking-- exciting and challenging.

Dipped in fun and wrapped in hard work, we’re a package that’s working together to redefine travel and tourism industry. And we have a big bunch of professionals with us who share the same vision.

At Discovery Holidays, we leave the idea of “traditional job” at the doorstep. Away from the charm of 9-5 routine (sense sarcasm?), we are fastened with our own values and aspirations that kick out conventions to set new benchmarks for others.

We’re always on our toes

When you’re a leader in your industry, settling in your comfort bubble and breathing is not an option-- not even for a day. We are in an ever-quest to brew quality service with creativity, innovative ideas and state-of-art technology to deliver our customers with the finest of experience and 100% satisfaction.

Relentless, tireless (and with loads of foods and coffees in between), we work with passion and dedication.

Lots of opportunities to grow

Discovery Holidays is evolving, changing and getting better by every passing day with new ventures, goals, and clients. Meaning, every day is a new challenge. This, in itself, brings ample of opportunities to those proactive enthused professionals looking to take their career to the next level.

To that, working with industry’s leaders, sharing with them ideas and accomplishing projects together has their own excuse to break free the boundaries, grow at an unprecedented rate and achieve great things in your professional (and personal) life.

Freedom at-hand

Teams in our company, self-driven and with the goal to disrupt the industry with extraordinary offerings, enjoy a wider freedom to plan, strategize and execute ideas. The workplace has 2-way communication with the top management, offering good riddance to the long-established companies’ hierarchical structure.

In a nutshell, life at Discovery Holidays is everything that defines new-age. It’s fun with enthused, passionate and friendly teams. It’s challenging with asserting tasks and projects. And it’s totally awesome because we’re driven to push the boundaries.