3 Reasons to Spend Your Christmas on Star Cruise Liner Libra

star cruise Libra

This Christmas, pack your bags and head out on Star Cruise Libra that takes you to beautiful locations. With a bunch of activities on board, this will be the best Christmas ever.

Star Cruise liners are known as one of the best in the business. Picking hot locations across Asia, they give travelers the opportunity to experience the best of the continent while also true extravagance on the ship. Star Cruise Libra is a big vessel and can accommodate quite a large number of people at one go. The ship sails from Krabi and has its destination set in Phuket, so it is not only mesmerizing on board but get ready to be blown out of your mind with the clear blue waters and fantastic locations.

But if you are considering why you should take this cruise vacation? Here are some reasons to convince you.

Reason 1: Luxurious accommodation gets a new definition

Cruise ships are known for offering the best of accommodation, and there is no doubting that. However, Star Cruise Libra takes things a notch higher. Eloquence and grandeur are spread in every corner of the massive ship but the cabins are just mesmerizing. With 6 types of cabins divided into three categories makes it easier for you to make a choice.

The suite is classified into executive and junior suites; ocean view rooms into three types depending on the kind of window they have, and the superior inside the cabin. Each of the rooms offers the comfort of the greatest sorts.

Satellite TV, Wi-Fi, minibar, mini fridge, king size and queen size beds completed with top class linen, and a killer view. So even if you want to just sit in the room and do nothing, you will be surrounded by unparalleled extravagance.

Reason2: World class entertainment has new standards

A cruise ship without entertainment opportunities is like a perfect night sky with no stars (It is dull right? Exactly. Now you get the point). Fortunately, your time on Star Cruise Libra will be anything but dull and dismal. With entertainers from all around the world gathered to give you the best time of your life, you will not be disappointed.

A stunning choreographed dance and musical production put together a show that is heartfelt and warm. Magician James Long performs illusion and tricks that definitely impresses the crowd. You can head to the Stardust Lounge to attend a party like no other. And then you have the glass-fronted observatory area, which offers a panoramic view of the ocean, complete with game shows, lectures, and demonstrations of different sorts.

So, whichever you want to attend (or maybe attend all of them), you will be amused 24×7 when on board.

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Reason 3: Eat, Sleep, Pray, Love

While entertainment and accommodation become an integral part of existence on a cruise ship, you can’t really survive without food (read good) and activities on board. But like Star Cruise Libra has it all tailored for you in an itinerary.

The gourmet delights on the ship is a truly gastronomical experience. From seafood to western dishes, Asian delicacies to continental specials, there are quite a few options available for the travelers including the popular restaurants like Four Seasons and Mariners. Your tongue and stomach will thank you for the mouthwatering dishes prepared by top chefs from around the world.

When it comes to activities, the ship has everything you can ask for. From a sun deck to enjoy the view to a basketball court, a beauty salon to the spa, you will be surprised at the magnitude of the activities arranged here. There is a swimming pool on the deck, a fitness center for fitness freaks and a karaoke lounge for music enthusiasts that will further heighten your time on board.

Now those are reasons good enough to convince you to pack your bags, book a cabin and hit out with your family. Also, massive discounts are available as it is the holiday season. So don’t wait any longer. Visit any Star Cruise travel agent in your city and get lucrative deals. Bon Voyage!


3 Reasons to Spend Your Christmas on Star Cruise Liner Libra

3 Reasons to Spend Your Christmas on Star Cruise Liner Libra

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