Have Fun With Your Kids In Dubai – Travel Now!

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Dubai is not just the place for shopping and playing away games, be it football or cricket. It is a capitalist utopia of sorts and there is a lot to do other than just roaming around in malls. In this blog, you shall come to know more about what you and your kids can do during your trip to the United Arab Emirates.

The middle-eastern country is known for its posh lifestyle and ultramodern architecture; but here is why children will have fun too!

  1. Legoland is too much for your children

If unadulterated fun is what you want, then Legoland Dubai is the perfect place to visit. The theme park has over 40 rides and all of them are themed after the iconic play toys. Legoland Dubai especially caters to 2 – 12 year old children and getting over there will really be a once in a lifetime excursion for them.

In case your child is a fan of legos, this is the perfect place to start your Dubai theme park excursions.

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2. Check out Bollywood Park for an exhilarating family time

One of the biggest theme park attractions in Dubai is the Bollywood Theme Park, which is truly one of its kind in experience. This one is designed to give you the whole Bollywood experience and has everything from drama and happiness, to a rocking climax, songs, and more. There are movie themed rides as well, and you should not miss out on the Don and Dabangg ones.

Also, don’t forget to get the show tickets to Jaan-e-Jigar, that is played in Rajmahal theater. It is truly going to be a treat for all the Bolly lovers in question on their international tour packages.

3. OliOli Theme Park

When your kid’s are a bit of an artist, the OliOli Park is going to be the perfect destination for them. This theme park is for children with a creative bend of mind and it is the perfect way for them to explore and tinker around with what they see. Everything in this theme park looks surreal and there is even a net playground that is suspended – made by a Japanese artist.

These are just 3 of the places where you can take your children to show them the best of the world. In fact, not only is it going to make them happy, but also etch itself as one of their favorite memories from international holiday packages! So, what are you waiting for?


Have Fun With Your Kids In Dubai – Travel Now!

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