3 Destinations For Your Houseboat Tour In India!

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A relaxing vacation could be many things – from being cupped up on a hill side wooden bungalow with a fireplace, to resting on a hammock on the beach; but none of these quite make the list like a houseboat.

This wonderful concept has been prevalent since time immemorial, and today it has transformed itself into a tourist experience. In this blog, we are going to take a look at 3 of the top places in India for you to experience this desi version of south east Asia cruise that is no less luxurious or beautiful!

1. Kerala Houseboat, in the backwaters

One of the most prolific honeymoon destinations in South India, the Kerala Houseboats are a wonder in itself. The tropical weather, cool wind in the backwaters, green environment that is adorned with palm and coconut trees, and a luxurious houseboat right in the middle of it all, has made this place quite popular.

If you want to spend some quiet time, with friends, or your partner – then this is the place to be. Some of the best boats are sprawling with wonderful amenities, and it is like living in luxury right in the middle of God’s Own Land.

Not to mention, the delectable Kerala cuisine that so many people talk about all the time.

2. Sundarbans Houseboat, amidst the mangrove wilderness

If you are a fan of the wilderness and want to spend all your time gazing at it from a houseboat, then Sundarban is the place to be. The rushing river and glistening deltas are home to one of the most elusive creatures of the wild, the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Sundarbans are also home to watchtowers, fishermen, gharials, river dolphins, sharks, and so much more. Visiting this wondrous place on a houseboat will be an experience in its own. In fact, if you are lucky enough, then your captain might even let you steer the boat for a bit!

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3. Karnataka Houseboat, Udupi at Swarna River

Tired of the Kerala scene getting too costly? Then travel to Karnataka Udupi now and book a houseboat at Swarna River. It is quiet, calm, and a beautiful location for a sombre holiday among the greens and blue.

Udupi also has great vibe around it, and the casual scenery mixed with natural beauty will definitely be an experience worth ending up in photo frames.

These are 3 places where you can head over now and have a wonderful time in a houseboat setting. It is an experience of a lifetime and everything in these boats are nothing shy of luxurious suites.

From sprawling bedrooms, to a great view and so much more – these are the places to have as much fun as you can! Call up one of the top travel agencies in Kolkata to set up your course!

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3 Destinations For Your Houseboat Tour In India!

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