3 Star Cruise Liners That Will Make Your 2018 Better

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Are you longing for a cruise holiday? Are you desperately looking to get away from your boring life for something exciting and new? You will be delighted to know that a cruise vacation is the most therapeutic vacation. So make 2018 better, for yourself and your photo album by taking on the best cruise vacations around Asia. Want to know which ones you should look for? Here are some suggestions.

Superstar Virgo

Making a round trip to Hong Kong, Superstar Virgo is one of the biggest ships that offer luxurious accommodation on board. With four types of cabins to choose from, namely, suites, cabins with balcony, oceanview cabins and inside rooms, you won’t be denied comfort. each of the rooms come with state of the art facilities that include free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, mini-fridge, linen and attached bathroom. The star cruise package for Virgo includes a plethora of activities as well that ensures to keep you entertained throughout your stay. From Broadway shows to a basketball court, a fitness center to a beauty salon, a karaoke room with a swimming pool, you won’t be bored when spending your time on Superstar Virgo.

Superstar Gemini

Superstar Gemini offers everything you need for a memorable cruise vacation. Setting sail on the glittering blue water around Singapore and offering three different ports to choose from, star cruise tour packages for Gemini includes extravagant accommodation along with a plethora of activities. The ship can lodge 1530 passengers every single time with 765 comfort cabins to stay in. Superstar Gemini has known its numerous entertainment lineups. From a French lady magician to a colorful circus, you will be amused when on board. The other facilities offered by the cruise liner includes a beauty salon, a spa center, a fitness center, a swimming pool and a sun deck which offers a view stunning enough to blow you off of your mind.

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Superstar Pieces

With a private Karaoke room, swimming pool and a sun deck to chill, Superstar Pieces packs a punch. Ideal for a short cruise vacation around Hong Kong, spending time on this cruise liner will rejuvenate you and relax your mind completely. If you are a foodie and have a knack for gastronomical extravagance, then Superstar Pieces is the best place for you to be. Be it Japanese, Cantonese or Continental, top chefs run the finest dining and wining on board. Star cruises booking for Pieces can be done online. Since the cruise liner is known for fine accommodation, you will not regret spending time on the cruise.

So don’t wait any longer. Book a cruise holiday today and get away from your mundane daily life in style. Travel agents booking cruise holidays India based are offering lucrative deals on the same that will help you enjoy your time without having to empty your wallet. Bon Voyage!


3 Star Cruise Liners That Will Make Your 2018 Better

3 Star Cruise Liners That Will Make Your 2018 Better

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