3 Travel Songs To Get You Through The Flight Hours With a Little More Ease!

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Travelling is fun, but flights almost never are!

It is good to keep things handy that will help you go through it with a little more ease. That’s why we found you some songs to add to your playlist to keep you light and on a positive note.

All of these songs are handpicked for their ‘the journey is more important than the destination’ vibe. Once you have them on your playlist, getting to pass a few hours of flight will become cakewalk!

Let’s take a look at our top picks to cut out the bore snore from your travel agency in Kolkata experience:

  1. Ao Milo Chale from Jab We Met

To listen :

A cult classic for Bollywood fans, this movie brought out the concept of love as a journey. The song signifies the journey part excellently and brings out the idyllic and yet romantic flavor right to its peak during this part of the movie.

“Bheithe Bheite Aase Kaise Koi | Rasta Naya Sa Mile | Tu Bhi Chale Main Bhi Chalu | Honge Kam Ye Tabi Phasle”

The lines  reverberate the very soul of the film and is definitely a travel buddy you should have on your side.

  1. Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi from Swades

To listen click at

Want to listen to a song that is written in lines that define the very fabric of our country and what it represents?

This travel song from the critically acclaimed movie Swades pictures an NRI man and a hitchiking sadhu sharing their idea of what this land is. Philosophical, discovery, and happiness build the mood while lines like:

“Man Apne Ko Kuch Aisa Halka Paaye| Jaise Kandhon Pe Rakha Bojh Hat Jaaye| Jaise Bhola Sa Bachpan Phir Se Aaye| Jaise Barson Mein Koi Ganga Nahaye…”

let you look inside the soul to grasp the very meaning of life!

  1. Meethi Boliyan from Kai Po Che

Listen at :

Three best friends make a getaway to a fort by the sea and jump from the walls into the water – Meethi Boliyan is written for friends inseparable. So, if you want to change your boring flight hours into an amazing drive, this is the song you need to listen to.

Here’s why it would be the perfect song:

“Meethi boliyaan sun lo| Aasmaani rangon ki| Meethi boliyaan sun lo| Bezubaani lamhon ki”

– that’s how amazing the chorus line is!

Now that your playlist is 3 amazing songs stronger, book a tour with one of the best travel agencies in Kolkata today and go onboard your flight reality cum drive experience.

3 Travel Songs To Get You Through The Flight Hours With a Little More Ease!

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