5 Different Types of Tourists That Make the Cut

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Do you know that experts identify about 15 types of tourists? Surprised right? But that is the fact. Tourists are of different types, and it is mainly determined by the purpose of their travel. For instance, New York is a popular destination, flooded with hundreds of thousands of travelers every year. But each one of them has a different motive. While some travel to experience the city and its fast paced life, some go there on business. Some travel with the hope of getting the best treatment, some just want to sit at some Manhattan club and enjoy delicacies. Everyone traveling is a traveler, but the resolution of the travel sets them apart.

Here is taking a look at the five most common types of tourists. (Just for fun- which one are you?)

The one who travels for business

As the name suggests, this is the one who travels for business. Also known as corporate travelers, their work related travels are short and precise. The term MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Convention and Exhibition) perfectly sums the purpose of their travel. The business travelers look for the best of everything- accommodation, food and transport- corporate travel packages include it all. They spend a considerable amount of money without budget restraints.

The one who travels for medical reasons

The big cities have better treatment facilities than the smaller ones. Some towns have authentic spas than the big ones. In short, medical treatment of different sorts vary from city to city. People traveling with the sole purpose of medical treatment fall under this category. They seek better cure and complete recovery. Since their travels can be for longer periods, they look for budget options.

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The one who seeks adventure

River rafting, mountain climbing, paragliding, snowboarding and the list goes on and on and on for the adventure seekers. They have little regards for safety, and don’t mind living in camps with no facilities whatsoever. Adventure travelers look for dangerous activities as it gives them an adrenaline rush. They seek thrill and their quest for life is definitely worth creating memories.

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And the one who wants to learn new things

Then there are the ones who are a little less adventurous but seek the raw beauties of life as they are. They like learning new things like languages, cultures, people and their habits. They act like locales to get the authentic feeling of belonging somewhere. These people usually like traveling solo, documenting each step of their journey.

The one who is too lazy

Unlike the adventurous one and the other who likes to learn new things, a lazy one travels for leisure. You would rather find them sitting on a beach, sipping on pinacolada and just lazing around. For them, vacations are mostly a way of escaping the daily mundane life. They hate “sightseeing” and want the best of the facilities available. The best travel agencies in India offer lucrative deals on the leisure travels.

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So which one are you? Do you like traveling solo or in group? Are you a religious one that visits sites of religious significance, or are you the one who travels just to shop? Whichever you maybe, it is all about discovering a new place with a perspective different from others. If you love traveling and have an affinity for it, then look for lucrative offers available with the best travel agencies in your city. Be it an international destination or domestic, solo or tour groups in India, they have offers for everyone. Contact today.


5 Different Types of Tourists That Make the Cut

5 Different Types of Tourists That Make the Cut

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