5 European Romantic Destinations for All Newly-Wed Couples

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Europe! The land of love and romance, forests and mountains, beaches, and parties. Europe offers the best destinations for newly-weds. Be it the streets of Paris or the beaches in Spain, you and your spouse will never be disappointed. Instead of fussing over which place to visit for your honeymoon, here are few suggestions you can take.

Venice, Italy

Italy makes a favorite honeymoon destination for many newlyweds. But the gondola ride on the wide grand canal of Venice is something different, something amazing that no one can miss. You can take a romantic stroll around Piazza San Marco to feel the grandeur of the Italian culture and history. To get the best of the place, take the boat ride in the evening when the hustle-bustle has died down and the surroundings offer you serene and unspoiled memories. You will find opulent hotels and accommodation options here, with the best Italian cuisine to gorge on.

Paris, France

No honeymoon destination list is complete without mentioning Paris. The capital of France is synonymous with romance and love. The city is special because it offers everything- old world architecture, delicious food and a perfect amalgamation of old and new. Definitely, Eiffel Tower should be on the list. Either climb the top to get a spectacular view of the city or see the light show in the evening, this modern marvel will blow you out of your mind. You can also tie a ribbon on the Pont des Art Bridge to declare your commitment and love to one another. And if you want to reminiscent the best movie scenes, walk the streets after midnight. Paris is a metropolitan, one of the hubs of the modern world, so you will find loads of accommodation options here.

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini in Greece is a volcanic island located on the Aegean Sea and is truly beauty personified. The gorgeous island is identified by its pristine whitewashed villas with blue ceilings. The sunsets on this island make a spectacular which you and your partner can enjoy while sipping on a glass of wine. You can spend time on the red and black sand beaches. There is much to explore on this island as well. Your wife will lots of places to shop from as there a handful of boutiques on the island to venture. Popular travel agencies in India help you book the best hotels that overlook the spectacular clear blue seas.

Ibiza, Spain

If the beach is what you seek, then Ibiza is the place to be. The infamous location in Spain is popular for all-night parties. So you can get the groove going by partying in any of the crazy places on the beach. But if you both seek solitude, then hop a few miles from the city center, where located is a sleepy village amidst lush green forests, orchids, and farmhouses that look straight out some fairy-tale book. Couples can also take a boat ride to the island of Formentera, which is situated 30 minutes away from Ibiza. You can also slip into your bathing suits and take a dive in the clear blue sea with the fishes.

Cappadocia, Turkey

An unknown destination located four hours away from the Turkish capital, the scenic landscapes of Cappadocia is otherworldly for sure. The wind-carved mountains, the ancient monastery and the restored remains of the old tunnels and caves make up for an awestruck beauty. You and your spouse can take a hot air balloon ride and get an unmatched view of the city. If you both are a little adventurous, you can explore the city on foot or ride a horse, and get charmed by the old world aura and fairy-tale backdrops.

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To conclude, let your love flower in these scenic settings of Europe. End your wedding spree with a bang by selecting any of these locations mentioned above. To book a holiday, look for reputed travel agencies in Kolkata. They not only arrange for hotels and sightseeing but also take care of transport. So get in the romantic mood and have the best time of your life. Happy Honeymooning!


5 European Romantic Destinations for All Newly-Wed Couples

5 European Romantic Destinations for All Newly-Wed Couples

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