5 Reasons To Visit The Spiritual City Of Varanasi With Your Group

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Varanasi- the city that upholds the Indian culture at its best, a city that has more secrets to guard that you can imagine! If you and your friends have been planning a visit to the best destinations in India, this is the place to check out. With so much to do, you will be left completely transformed after a visit here. It is well-connected with rest of the country with direct trains and flights, thus not posing any problem reaching there. If you are wondering why you should visit this place with your friends, and then read the following reasons.

The Evening Aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat

The mystical sanctity of Dashashwamedh Ghat is known to all, and it becomes all the more evident during the daily evening aarti performed here. Located on the banks of Ganga, the pandits perform the evening ritual here in synchronized motions. The smell of the incense and the massive magnitude of the ceremony is something that everyone should witness. And when you are with your friends here, the speciality of the event only doubles!

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The Rejuvenating Boat Ride on Ganga

Costing only a few hundred, your band can actually take a boat ride on the holy river of Ganga. Whether you want it in the evening to witness the evening aarti or want to catch the sunrise, tour groups in India deem this as a necessity when in Varanasi. There are 365 ghats in Varanasi, and the best way to get a glimpse of them is to go on a boat ride. The boatman will rightfully narrate the history of each ghat, enriching the experience and your knowledge.

The Rich History

As mentioned, Varanasi is presumably the oldest city in India and one of the earliest in the world. A city that dates back to the time when civilization was dawning, it is only obvious that you will stumble upon some secret in the narrow lanes and street corners. With too many forts and temples, Kashi (the other name for this old town in Uttar Pradesh) is the ideal place to visit if you and your friends are looking for spiritual rejuvenation. Also, you can get into some yoga extravagance here with masters all around.

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The Expedition

Varanasi is a cheap destination with the cost of the hotels and travelling around seemingly reasonable. Group tours in India organize special “walk around the city” expeditions that can be undertaken by your group. This way you can take to roaming around the narrow lanes of the city which are quite popular. You can also indulge in some delicacies and mouth fresheners (Banarasi pan for instance). Be it exquisite hardwood work or the elegant Banarasi sarees, shopping here with your friends will be more fun than ever.


Located 13 kilometres away from the city centre, Sarnath is the small town where Buddha gave his first sermon. The town is significant for its greenery, the Dhamek Stupa and numerous monasteries representing the Buddhist culture from different countries like Thailand, Japan and Sri Lanka. There is a museum as well which can be explored by you and your friends. All of these historic places are well-maintained and will transport you to that era.

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Thus, what are you waiting for? Get your booking done today with the best travel agencies in India and let spirituality and tranquillity wash you over. There is something for everyone here, and your group will be satisfied. A trip to Varanasi is cheap and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about exceeding the budget. Enjoy!


5 Reasons To Visit The Spiritual City Of Varanasi With Your Group

5 Reasons To Visit The Spiritual City Of Varanasi With Your Group

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