5 Tips to Convince Your Friends For a Cruise Trip This Season

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Every group has a party-spoiler. While some would agree for nearly every plan, there would always be few who would have objections.

“It’s a bad plan” … “I am busy” … “I don’t want to go!”

And eventually, their doubts end up jinxing the entire plan. So long for having some fun with friends…

But don’t let this ‘been there, done that’ situation impair your proposal for some excitement this summer. Plan for a rocking (and affordable) cruise trip with your friends. And don’t let that killjoy mate ruin your program.

Here are 5 tips to convince your ‘those friends’ for a cruise trip this summer:

  1. Inform them about the plan very early

The number one rule of planning for a cruise is starting early. However, for all the fuddy-duddies, this is even more important. You need to inform them about such plans as soon as possible. Tell them what cruise lines are available, what destinations are more fitting and how long the trip would be. The sooner they know, the more time they will have to prepare themselves mentally.

  1. Give them more responsibility

One, if they get more responsibility, they would feel good about themselves. And second, if given important tasks, they are more likely to act responsibly instead of shunning the entire plan. So, ask them to choose among many cruise travel packages, avail one of the best cruise package deals, and make all the other important decisions. It’s very likely, with such duties, they would act maturely.

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  1. Plan your budget very carefully

Often, the biggest obstacle comes in budget planning; more so for a college-going group of friends who are usually constrained financially. So, it’s very crucial that everything is sorted in the money-end. Plan thoughtfully in this department. Keep the expense of the cruise in a limit. And then distribute that amount among others accordingly. Make sure this amount is fitting to everyone.

On another hand, you can simply get in touch with one of the top tour agencies in Kolkata; they can help you plan a cruise in a pocket-friendly way.

  1. Harp on the emotional quotient

Yes, we said it. It might be wrong on the moral front but it is okay if you pull this string. If it is possibly the last get-together of friends before college ends, tell your friends about it. If it has been years since the gang met, convey them this fact. Involve them emotionally in this plan and they would definitely show a green signal.

  1. Understand their problems and concerns

Okay, comes now a serious talk. Maybe the friends not agreeing to a cruise trip, they have some legitimate problems; maybe their refusal has some good reason behind. So, instead of being forceful, you must also try to be understanding yourself. If you see they have a fitting problem, instead of dragging them anyway, look to reschedule the trip. And them when is it more convenient for them, and then set the dates accordingly.

These are 5 simple tips to convince your friends for a fun cruise trip. If everything goes well, you will have a summer loads of memories and excitement with the people who you completely adore.


5 Tips to Convince Your Friends For a Cruise Trip This Season

5 Tips to Convince Your Friends For a Cruise Trip This Season

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