5 Tips To Pick a Conference Destination That Suits You

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Right now, if you were given the responsibility to pick a conference destination, you would probably choose that awesome resort in the suburbs because it is picturesque. But wait, is it a feasible option?

Unlike your regular trips, symposiums are different (even from the corporate travels), because they are factored on a wide number of aspects. For instance, the place should be easily accessible but should also offer privacy and other amenities. There are a lot of contrasting factors which come to play when a business destination is taken into consideration.

Though the task may seem daunting, you can actually ace it by just keeping a few points in mind. Keep reading to find out what these are.


Accessibility to the venue is the most important criteria to check off. If you want to maximise attendance, you need to have a venue that is easily accessible. Transportation should be arranged if the destination is far, however. Also, there should be shops, restaurants, and bars around the venue because you can’t really expect people to sit in a hall all day talking about work. Leisure options should also be considered when the accessibility is being weighed in.

Accommodation options

Doesn’t matter whether the conference is for a week or for a day, accommodation should be arranged for regardless. What if someone gets sick? Or someone needs to lie down after a hectic journey? You need to have the provisions ready. Accommodation is a foremost option to look out for. The rooms should be spacious enough to hold people and should be clean (hygiene is important) with proper pillows, bed sheets, blankets, and washrooms!

Costs (because of budget)

Just because it is a conference, and is being sponsored by your workplace doesn’t excuse you picking the most expensive place. Budget constraints are always there, be it a personal trip or one for meetings. The smartest thing to do would be to crack a deal with the hotel or the resort. You can ask for discounts in return for a multiple-year contract. So every time you host a symposium, you do it there. If you need help to get the deal going, you can seek help from travel agencies for they usually offer discounts on corporate tour packages.

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There are some facilities which are considered to be normal and should be offered by the venue. And being very specific, the facilities include Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment, stage, microphones, rooms with clean bathrooms, buffet (or any eating option), clean drinking water and phone network to name a few. These are your basic rights and you should get these, no matter what! Whether it is a one-day conference or a week long, the venue should be equipped to hold the meeting without any glitches. So check-out this list properly before finalizing a location.


What if the hotel you finalized (and it meets all the above criteria) is not available for that particular date? Do you change the date? Of course not! You find another venue that offers similar amenities. Thus, when making a booking, make sure you get through with all these points, but ask about the availability. You really don’t want last minute mess up. In fact, call the hotel a week before the scheduled meeting and remind them of the conference.

Corporate tour organizers have provisions which allow you to pick a conference destination from a wide range of options. These usually come in packages which are lucrative and affordable. So get in touch with a travel agency today and find out their offers for conference meetings and get your booking today. Happy conference!



5 Tips To Pick a Conference Destination That Suits You

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