How to Prepare Yourself for Your Trekking Trip to Himachal?

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In a world infected by wanderlust, young enthusiasts are quitting corporate jobs and setting on a road less travelled, that of travel blogging. And one of their favorite Indian destinations, of course, is the Himalayan state of Himachal. Pristine, friendly, and enigmatic, this state blends in a number of flavours; be it the colonial richness of the erstwhile British summer capital Shimla, or the Indo Aryan sovereign populace of Malana, there is plenty to look into,  and look for,  in this snow clad Utopia.

In fact, one of the main reasons why so many travel to this state is its unlimited trekking options – something that sounds like quite the adventure to new age travellers. However, trekking is one of those activities that is easier said than done – ask anyone who has ever climbed a peak. It’s very gratifying, yet far more exhausting, if one is not physically prepared to make the journey. In this blog, it will be discussed, how you can prepare yourself to do it well and enjoy all of it – unlike others who to tend to pressurize their bodies too much and end up giving a price in one way or the other! If you want your concentration level, physical endurance to go high without worrying about the trip planning and arrangement, you should find one of the best Kolkata travel agencies offering the best travel experience. Let’s take a look –

  1. Train for Endurance

Like in any other longstanding physical activity, trekking too is based on endurance; and it’s best if you train to get your very best at it. Not just an hour on the treadmill, but real runs, outdoors, outside the insulated protection of the gym. If you have the choice, carry a bag, or wear full clothes – not shorts. The Himalayan cold is unforgiving and running in shorts makes you confident even when your body is not even close to ready.

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It’d be great if you could quit any smoking habit if you have one. At high altitudes, oxygen is scarce and not getting enough because of tar-filled smoker’s lungs could get you unconscious. To avoid that from happening, quitting is the best discourse.

  1. Learn to Pack Basics

What you have and what you don’t have in your utility bag during a trek could make a difference of life and death. It is important that you carry the very basics like sleeping bags, instant noodles and other forms of ready to eat food, utilities like knife, scissors, etc. But don’t carry anything you won’t need during the trek. Remember, a heavier bag is going to make much difference and could be the deciding factor between whether you will complete it or not. Also, carry enough layers for worst case scenarios, if the weather gets too rough during the wee hours. When you are spooling the list of the necessities that would make you travel-ready, concentrate on packing things that you would require (avoid the clutter) and let one of the reputed travel agencies in Kolkata do the trip planning for you.

  1. Start Early

For any long journey, it is best to start early in the morning. This is a great starting point as far as weather and time in hand is concerned. As you start late, the sun’s heat is going to quite blazing on higher altitudes and that is definitely going to be a hindrance to the whole ascension. Also, when you start early, you are likely to cover more ground and camp around places where others are camping,  too.

Now, be it Kareri Lake trek, Pin Parvati trek, or an easy one like KheerGanga, your preparation is going to take you a long way. So, why wait any longer? Start your training so that you don’t have to pant and cough through the whole journey and can climb the peaks of your dreams in style.


How to Prepare Yourself for Your Trekking Trip to Himachal?

How to Prepare Yourself for Your Trekking Trip to Himachal?

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