Applying for a Passport? Here are 5 Reasons Why It May Get Rejected

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Even though applying for new passports have become relatively easier today, it’s no way close to hassle-free. Many applicants still find the process quite strenuous with confusions in the application itself, problems in scheduling an interview date and delays in police verification.

This is why thousands of people trust professional passport services by Discovery Holidays.

If this is your first time applying for the passport in India, here are 5 reasons why your application might get rejected:

1. Wrong information

It’s quite common to make mistakes in providing the basic information like name, number, and address. Maybe you mistyped. Maybe you didn’t understand the instructions clearly.

In any case, if you have provided wrong details in the form that doesn’t match the details on the official documents, your passport application will get rejected.

2. Incomplete (and unclear) document

There’s a set of documents that are accepted for passport verification. If you can’t produce these documents, or produce them incomplete, your application won’t be accepted.

In addition, on the interview day, while you will have to copy original copies of your documents, you would also need to have several of their Xerox. If any of these copies are unclear, darkened or ruined to an extent that the given information is hard to tell if they are authentic, your application will get rejected.

3. Mismatching signature

At the passport office, you will be asked for your signature, which will also be matched with signatures on all the other relevant documents. If they mismatch, it can raise suspicion. While, for minor difference, many officers might let it go, there are a few who might decide to reject the application.

4. Criminal background

This is quite basic. If you have pending criminal (or domestic) cases on you, it’s almost inevitable that your passport application will get rejected. This is done to ensure that you are available in the country throughout the trial.

On the other hand, if there were charges against you and they have been dropped, you would need to submit the relevant certificate to prove that. If not, say goodbye to the passport dream.

5. Non-cooperation with the police

This is the biggest problem in the passport application process.

Many applicants still complain about having to give bribe to the police officers. They also complain about being harassed by them over calls and visits.

Those who do not cooperate with the officer, it’s not hard to guess that they don’t get police clearance certificate or, to the least, the whole process gets delayed.

Cooperating with the police is important. So, listen to her/him and the instructions. Make sure you show all the asked documents.

BUT in case if you’re asked for bribe, DO NOT PAY IT. Raise a complaint at the Vigilance Cell of Passport Seva.


These are five reasons why your passport application might get rejected. Almost for similar reasons can your Visa application get rejected.

Whichever you’re applying for, having experts by your side is always a good idea. Hire passport and Visa services by Discovery Holidays and enjoy a smooth experience.

Applying for a Passport? Here are 5 Reasons Why It May Get Rejected

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