5 Tips to Create Magical Memories with Friends Before It’s a Goodbye

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Yes, it feels bad. But farewells are an inevitable part of our lives.

Maybe it’s the end of the school or college life. Maybe you or your friend is moving to a different city. The reasons could be plenty.

In any case, if you’re counting the numbered days before that painful goodbye, also convincing your heart “we will stay in touch”, there are two things you can do:

i. Feel sad and miserable and make the situation worse

ii. Make the last few days exceptionally memorable in your book

While there’s a good chance that you would choose the first one, we recommended going for the second.

Here are 5 tips to create magical memories with your friends before it’s time for (hopefully temporary) goodbye:

1. Some thoughtful gifts

Yes, “thoughtful gifts”. And not anything that you can spot on Amazon.

Be considerate of what she/he may like, what can convey your emotional connection better, what can mirror the close relationship you two shared.

This gift would be like a token of friendship that you two had, and will continue to have. So, again, be thoughtful.

2. A get-together with the squad

It’s been quite a while since the entire squad got together last. So, this might be the perfect time for that.

Be it the school friends, college friends or the office colleagues, get all the squad members together before the farewell.

A dinner party seems quite ideal. But, of course, there’s plenty you all can do. Watch movies, go to a concert, watch any live sports together.

What’s important is getting everyone together to create that old magic.

3. A group holiday

This is one of the best ideas that promise you lifelong of wonderful memories. Go on a trip together.

Of course, planning a vacation with friends is quite tedious. But it’s very well worth it.

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4. Explore the city together

Don’t just hit your favorite tea stall and discuss “things will change now” or “what will happen now”.

Yes, things will change now, and it will only be for good. Now cut that depressing undertone and decide to make the most out of the last days.

Take a full-day off and plan to explore different corners of the city together. Visit places that you would visit years back. Visit untouched places. Gorge on foods in unknown outlets. Discover new malls that you didn’t know existed.

5. Plans of future meetups

This is, of course, a mandatory thing to make things easier and happier before goodbye.

But don’t go on a whimsical ignorance to say that you will meet her/him in a month when, in reality, you know that’s not going to happen.

Be honest. Make realistic plans. Try to make it happen. Don’t play with “yes, we will see”. Make it “yes, will meet on *insert date*”.


Again, farewells are tough. And when it’s with your close friends, it’s even more difficult.

But then this doesn’t mean you should mope over it and get depressed. You can (and should) decide to make the remaining of the days memorable, adding another happening chapter in your storybook.

It doesn’t have to be a permanent goodbye.

Besides, like one of the characters in one of those movies once said…

“Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve had today!”

5 Tips to Create Magical Memories with Friends Before It’s a Goodbye

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