Celebrate The Coming Festivities In True Indian Style This Season!

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The coming days are rather auspicious in the Indian culture and are marked since time immemorial as the victory of good over evil. The country celebrates different versions of this archetypal narrative and almost all of them are much larger than life.

There is the Durga Puja which is predominantly celebrated in Bengal and its capital Kolkata, Dussehra that is celebrated in the Northern States of the country, and Navratri (another version of Durga Puja) which is celebrated in other parts of the country. So, if you want to enjoy this pristine landscape and the celebrations in their truest light, then here are 3 places to go in the entire country!

Durga Puja in Kolkata

This is by far one of the biggest carnivals of the world and the whole city is decorated to the very brim with pandals of the goddess scattered all over the whole city. There are different theme pandals and all of them celebrate the victory of the Goddess over the buffalo demon king Mahishashura.

Everything from lights all over the city to great food becomes the very fiber of Kolkata and it is definitely something that one should experience in their lifetime!

Navratri in Ahmedabad

If you are a bit of a social person, then you have to try Navratri dandiya and garbha celebrations in Ahmedabad. The major city in Gujarat becomes a magical place with Dandiya parties happening all around where men and women dance in their folk way. They celebrate the power of Ma Amba, another form of Maa Durga and rejoice in the victory of good over evil, where the divine triumphs and is made the very source of happiness for all mortals.

Garbha festivals can get pretty exciting today with the big ones inviting Bollywood celebrities and hosting a DJ – it’s pretty much an experience of a lifetime. To settle your trip, get in touch with the best travel agency in India right now!

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Dussehra in Barara

Want to glance upon the tallest effigies of Ravana in India? Then try Barara, a town near Chandigarh where people make 200 ft demon kings and then burn it up to signify the victory of Rama over the demon lord and how he rescued his wife.

The town is literally lit up with festivities and checking out the whole event is a wonder in itself as it is filled with fire crackers and it burns up in splendor – truly a pyromaniac’s favorite event ever.

These are the 3 places to be if one really wants to enjoy the essence of this auspicious time and it is celebrated in different forms all over the country. If you want to make your trip planning easy and simple, then try contacting the best travel agency in Kolkata and you are good to go. The time is here, what are you still waiting for?

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Celebrate The Coming Festivities In True Indian Style This Season!

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