Celebrating this Diwali Away from Home? Read On!

Celebrate this Diwali with Discovery Holidays

If you want to celebrate Diwali away from your home and take a breather from the riot of colors and light play, then there are so many different places you can travel to. You can either wish to stay within the borders of the country or fly away to a faraway place that is laidback, relaxing and fun.

In fact, there has been an increase in domestic and international travel booking over the duration of last few months. According to a research and statistical study, there are certain destinations that people are preferring to visit this year.

On the home front, there are three unique domestic travel destinations that has garnered a lot of popularity. These are exactly the place you should visit to be away from the festive hues and spent some time in certain places that will allow you complete solitude.


Located amidst the mountainous region of Karnataka , the Scotland of India stays perpetually misty. This is also the best place you can visit if you’re a coffee lover at heart.

Andaman & Nicobar

Whether you prefer a laidback walk along the beach or love taking part in water sports , you must definitely visit the islands of Andaman & Nicobar to fulfill these wishes.

travel to coorg and andaman


Indulge the beach lover in you by taking a trip to the exquisite state of Goa. The picturesque shimmering beaches, blue water and delicious sea food are some of things that you’ll take back with you after the holiday.

Now, for those of you who love to explore the foreign waters can definitely book a ticket to some of the most travelled places mentioned below. A travel agency of repute offers the best international travel packages that you can count on!


Indonesia’s most famous Island, Bali is world renowned for its scenic rice terraces, fragrant cuisine, stunning beaches, etc. With its elaborate temples, endless coastline waterfalls, etc, there’s a galore of traditions and customs you can witness here.travel to goa and bali


Take an all-inclusive trip to Dubai to witness the culture of the Bedouin tribe. Be greeted by skyscrapers and ride along the fast roller coasters. Enjoy the city tour of Abu Dhabi as well and guess what you might even spot a celebrity or two!


Mauritius is Africa’s wealthiest destination and is a tropical paradise of your dreams. This place has a bustling port, serene beaches and not to forget amazing food as well.

dubai and mauritius travel

Therefore, wait no more, and take the trip to fly away to a faraway country. You can even get cool discounts on your package. For this, all you need to do is get in touch with a popular travel agent and communicate your requirements for the same.

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Celebrating this Diwali Away from Home? Read On!

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