Celebrate This Diwali Immersing Yourself Into The Joyous Glow Of The Festivity

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Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of India which is celebrated over a duration of five days. This festival honors the victory of good over evil and the power of brightness that engulfs the dark forces. It is also the time for individuals to introspect and contemplate and dispel the dark layers within them. Allow your inner light to shine through so that you can be the warm aura that emanates positivity.

Diwali is celebrated in so many different ways across the country. You can witness a gala celebration and merriment at some of the important destinations across the country.

If you want to celebrate Diwali in Delhi….

The capital city celebrates this festival with great fervor. Every locality is lined up with fairy lights and diyas to commemorate the return of Lord Rama from the long exile. You can also visit the Pragati Maidan to witness the gala celebrations that takes place amongst the various people in this cosmopolitan city. Gorge on some delicious food and celebrate the union of the goodness and the destruction of the evil.

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If you want to celebrate Diwali in Varanasi….

Diwali celebration in Varanasi is an enchanting experience. Here you can visit the Ghats and experience the river banks flanked by the Purohits and Bhakts performing the Arti. The entire aesthetic of colorful shades of orange and yellow under the night and the warm glow of the diyas will definitely make your experience, amazing. Partake in cooking special bhog and dinner with the fellow members of the Mandirs.

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If you want to celebrate Diwali in Jaipur…..

The brightly lit pink city of Jaipur is a sight to behold during Diwali. Witness traditional folk dance and shake a leg with them. Immerse into the culture by embarking on a trip to the desert and witnessing the colorful fireworks at the backdrop of the night sky. You can even campout at the desert and listen to the local traditional songs sung by the local artists.

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What about all those who want to spend some with their near and dear ones, but away from home- the festivities and lights.. Read on in the next blog…                          To be continued….

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Celebrate This Diwali Immersing Yourself Into The Joyous Glow Of The Festivity

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