How To Completely Change Your Life In Next 7 Months? Cruise, Books And More…

So 2017 started with you pledging to make the year different and better for yourself. Three months forward, you’re still stuck with the same health, habits, schedule, people and laziness. Disappointed with your progress, you’re now waiting for mid-year or even 2018 to start your life afresh.

This is the story of majority!

While introducing any dramatic change in your lifestyle overnight is nothing short of impossible, that doesn’t mean what you have in your mind will never come into reality over time. All you need to do is stride forward slowly and thoughtfully to ease up the transition onto yourself and others around you; and, of course, be determined and consistent in your efforts.

You can improve your health this year, build new relations, cut back on all the negativity, be happy and give your life a whole new direction.


Here are7 ways to completely change your life in the next 7 months-

1. A grand (and affordable) cruise ship travel

The serene experience of cruise holidays will delightfully haunt you your whole life. Sitting on a ship deck, under blue sky, with endless sea ahead and cold breeze brushing your cheeks and birds’ chirps tuning your ear—you will have plenty of peaceful time to reflect on your life and make big decisions. So look through the best cruise deals this summer and bid adieu the hustle of city life for a week at least.

2. Spend hours reading book

Real Estate mogul Warren Buffett spends 80 percent of his days reading books. Abraham Lincoln, who only had a year of formal education, credited his habit of reading for his success. Other world leaders and CEOs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Barack Obama share the same habits and beliefs. That’s how important is reading in one’s life. If you’re a voracious reader- perfect! If not, build that habit. Read at least one good book every week.

3. Watch acclaimed movies everyday

Movies are much more than just about entertainment. Pick the right ones and they can change your perception and belief for life. So start watching good movies every day. (Please) Avoid Rom-Com. Go with the likes of The Shawshank Redemption, Into the Wild, Life is Beautiful, Fight Club, The Truman Show and Dead Poets Society.

4. Start meditating for inner peace

Meditating is the healthiest thing you can do with your life (aside from not eating pizzas). If you don’t already, start right away. Set aside a fixed time in the morning to mediate and simmer down all your stress to find the inner peace.

5. Talk less – only when it’s necessary

The people who talk too much often talk non-sense. Period. So don’t blabber when not necessary. Not only is it energy-draining, but it also make your opinion, views less relevant when no one’s seeking them. To that, giving too much information to others often emotionally exposes you. So talk less and strive to be a good listener. Why do you think we’re given two ears and just one mouth?

6. Say goodbye to the negative people

Negative people create confusion in others’ lives, destroy self-confidence and self-esteem and drag everyone down. So never allow them to influence you; never allow them to turn you into one of them. A person who only thinks negatively will never move forward. So identify these negative people around you and weed them out for good—even if it means you’re completely alone.

7. Put on your backpack and explore new cities and countries

Backpacking is not only exciting and thrilling, but also a life-changer. Over the course, on the road, you’re going to come across many new people and experience new experiences. While it might give you some bad memories, it will definitely change your life’s belief. You’ll ask questions that you never heard before and realize things that you didn’t even know existed. So put on your backpack and explore new places. For higher convenience, talk to the best professionals and travel agencies in India who specialize in solo travelling.

With these 7 ways you can completely change your life in the next 7 months. Of course, there would be loads of challenges on the path, many people, commitments and conventions that would try to bring you down. You must stay strong and focused and persistent to bring to your life the change that you want—the change you deserve.

How To Completely Change Your Life In Next 7 Months? Cruise, Books And More…

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