How To Take a Cruise When Your Job isn’t Paying You Enough? 5 Secrets

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So you’ve been thinking (a lot, actually) to go on a vacation. And you want to do it alone. But the biggest problem is you never seem to have enough money to enjoy a luxury-like cruise trip travel.

In fact, till last month, you did manage to save some, but it was her birthday and his… and of course, given how special they are to you, you had to give them something equally special. So gone were your months-long saving in just days.

Your job’s paying you less!

So what do you do now really? Do you just give up your dreams of going on grand cruise holidays?

Well, you can do that too. Or you can be smart enough in your planning phase. How?

Here are 5 dirty secrets to take a cruise even when you aren’t making enough money-

  1. Don’t wait to save… you’ll never save enough

It’s a fact that you’ll never be able to save enough money. Things will never be perfect; and if you’re going to wait for that ‘perfect’, you’ll end up waiting for ever. So lower your budget expectations. And go with whatever you have. Your cruise doesn’t have to be an extravagant one. The cheap cruise packages can be just as delightful.

  1. Cruise when nobody else is

This is quite a no-brainer and a golden rule in the travelling world—you travel during off season; the price of nearly everything downs. Cruise ship vacations are no different. Top agencies lower down the price of their packages when off season.

  1. It doesn’t have to be a long one

The smaller the ship and the shorter the duration, the cheaper will be the cruise. So don’t look to take a month-long journey. Don’t go for Titanic-like ship either. Even on smaller boats and in limited number of days, you can enjoy and make memories just as much. You lying on the deck, staring at the blue sky with vast sea in front of you and cold wind romancing with your cheeks—it’s all the same, really!

  1. Look around for the best cruise deals

Not every cruise travel agency offers the same kind of packages. Even with the same destination, amenities and attractions, some cruise lines are more expensive comparatively. So don’t rush but do your research properly. Look around carefully and strike the perfect cruise deal that meets your budget and luxury needs.

  1. Plan your every spending in advance

The best way to stay within your budget is to plan your every spending in advance—or be smart with your spending habit. Some pro tips include- avoid the restaurants on ship, limit your beer and snacks, stay away from the casinos, bring your own supplies and avoid cruise-run shore excursions. The more definite you are with your spending, the cheaper will be your cruise.

These are 5 dirty secrets to take a cruise very soon even your job isn’t paying you enough. Good luck!!!!


How To Take a Cruise When Your Job isn’t Paying You Enough? 5 Secrets

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