COVID-19, Cruise Holidays, and the Future

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It wasn’t a pretty sight. And it sure would remain in people’s memory for some time.

The outbreak happened on-board, hundreds of people got infected, and several cruise ships were left hanging around on the sea with the governments preventing them from docking.

While the people did get back on the land and the mortality rate remained very low, the event did hit the major headline slots.

Many now believe that, otherwise a premium preference of the vacationers and travelers, cruise holidays may have lost its appeal for the time being.

The True Picture

Admittedly, were you asked to get on an enclosed area with a lot of people around – and with, assumingly, limited medical resources – you would likely refuse.

Even when the pandemic is gone, in its aftermath, there would still be some reservations and skepticism against a cruise holiday.

However, that said, it doesn’t necessarily mean people wouldn’t go on cruises anymore.

The travel industry, at large, will take its time to get back on track. Leisure traveling would inevitably pick – and so will the cruise holidays.

Of course, a lot would depend on how the cruise companies respond to effectively tackle the economic challenges and gain back the confidence of the masses. The task-at-hand, in fact, is the same for nearly every business in the travel industry.

If you’re someone who loves going on cruises – or had plans to go on one recently – do not dump the idea of cruise holidays altogether.

What needed now is more precautions and less paranoia.

When COVID-19 is gone, governments lift the lockdowns, travel agencies start the bookings, and cruise ships are back on the sea…

Taking some extra precautions before going on a cruise holiday would ensure a great experience for you.

What Precautions to Take?

For the starters, keep an eye on the advisories of your local government and authorities. If they recommend you against going on a cruise ship, listen to them. If they have no such restrictions whatsoever, you can move forward.

Following, it’s essential that you pick a good cruise line that’s renowned and trusted. They have better infrastructure, facilities, and management on board.

Also, when booking your cruise holidays, it’s equally important to work along with a good travel agency. These agencies will not only make your bookings and arrangements, but they would also provide you with the right guidelines and tips. They usually take the safety of their customers seriously. So, you can rely on their expertise to stay informed and safe.

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The Bright Side

Interestingly, following this pandemic, the top cruise lines will expectedly amp their safety and healthcare measures on-board; they would improve their protocols. Many governments might even intervene to ensure if any similar situation arises, the cruise line can manage the situation much better during the trip.

So, in the coming months, on the cruise, you can expect higher cleanliness, better healthcare facilities, more medical professionals, and improved management.

In short, while the appeal of cruise holidays may have taken a hit due to coronavirus, it’s only temporary. The segment, much like the entire travel industry, will recuperate.

So, don’t call yourself crazy to plan a cruise holiday in the coming months. It might not look like that at present but such trips are quite safe (and incredible) – much like they have always been.


COVID-19, Cruise Holidays, and the Future

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