When Will It Be Normal (And Safe) to Travel Again?

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Owing to the ongoing pandemic, almost all plans for summer vacations stand canceled. There’s a lot of uncertainty among the travelers, backpackers, and vacationers. Nobody has the right and adequate answers. So, even “when will it be okay to travel again” often goes answered or is met with ambiguity.

The predictive models developed by an insurance technology company predicts that it will take at least 3 months when it will be okay to travel again. Tom Marchant, writing for Harper’s Bazaar, says “though our borders are closed today, they will open again. We have seen the world, and we will see it again.”

No Clear Answer

Admittedly, concretely outlining when it will be normal and safe to travel again is almost impossible. However, virtually everyone agrees in unison that this is the perfect time to plan your next trip. So, whenever the lockdowns in different states and countries are lifted – and there are proper green signals – you can satiate your wanderlust and experience the world’s vibrancy again. We have covered this topic in a separate post.

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The (Positive) Signs

In general, there are a host of signs you should look for to know that it’s safe to travel again. Foremost, your government will lift travel bans. Whenever that happens, you can start traveling. However, very likely, the government will also issue advisories – like the states and countries you can travel to, and the ones you should avoid. Go through such advisories mandatorily before booking your tickets. Next, the World Health Organization (WHO) will show a green signal for international travel. Similar to your State Government, WHO will too release advisories that you must go through and adhere to.

Furthermore, when traveling again is back to normal and safe, travel agencies will start booking trips. This is a big sign for all leisure travelers. The travel insurance companies will start selling insurance again, which is another little positive sign that you should look out for.

In addition, the state-of-affair in your city and the destination you’re planning to visit will start showing signs of normalcy. Airlines are functioning fully. There are no restrictions from the local authorities. The offices and factories are opened. Children are going back to schools. Public transport is back on track. The cities are getting crowded again.

It Will Be Back to Normal Soon

So, amid a pandemic, while it’s not fair or even possible to say when it will be normal and safe to travel again, there sure are definite signs that would hint at it. You should keep an eye on these signs. These are challenging times – but it isn’t an endgame for the travelers, holiday-makers, and globe-trotters. The world is too beautiful to not travel again. The restrictions and limitations on travel will be lifted soon and millions of people will tromp to experience the exquisite destinations again. Meanwhile, while you’re locked down at home, why not make the most of this time?

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When Will It Be Normal (And Safe) to Travel Again?

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