A Cruise Holiday With a Baby: How To Make It Trouble-free?

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Even the grownups sometimes feel confined and overwhelmed on long cruises. Imagine how would then the free-spirited babies and kids feel!

Point is that it’s not easy cruising with little ones. You would have to pack heavy, there could be plenty of inconveniences on the ship since you won’t exactly find things to be “baby proof” and, of course, you might not necessarily enjoy the fun that these cruises usually promise.


All said though, it doesn’t mean cruising with babies isn’t possible. Or that you shouldn’t do it. Or that you can’t make it happy and happening.

Even if you’ve got a baby, worry less. Plan for a cruise holiday this season.
(Note: Many cruises do not allow babies of 6 months and less.)

Here are 5 tips to make a cruise holiday with your little one a happening and trouble-free experience:

1.Keep the vacation small

Don’t go on a month long cruise. You yourself won’t like it, let alone the baby.

Things will become boring. You will feel homesick. With the baby crying, frustration will mount by passing days. And the idea of fun would soon fade into “help me out of here”.

Long cruises are perfect when you’re alone or vacationing with your friends or partner.

But when with a baby, a week-long cruise is more than sufficient.

So, browse through good cruise packages from India and pick one with a shorter timeframe.

2.Pick the right ship

Do your research. Pick a ship or cruise line that has basic facilities to accommodate kids.

Do they offer portable cribs? Do they offer diapers? Does the ship has an onboard nursery? What kind of food do they serve? Can you find babysitters onboard? Is there any playing area on the ship?

These are important questions that you should have answers for.

In short, again, you would want to pick a ship that offers the most facilities to accommodate babies.

3.Pack thoughtfully (and enough)

“Pack lightly” is the go-to advice for any kind of holiday. However, it doesn’t hold true when cruising with your baby.

Light bags are something you would have to trade for your baby.

Pack enough items and don’t be apologetic for heavy bags. From clothes and diapers to toys and snacks, pack per your child’s needs and requirements. Over-pack if needed.

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4.Keep OTC medicine handy

This is essential. While top cruise lines usually offer enough medicine onboard, you shouldn’t rely on them.

So, pack the necessary OTC and prescribed medicine for your baby… as well as for yourself.

(If this is your first cruise, you’re going to feel motion sickness!)

5.Plan “everything” in advance

Spontaneity isn’t what you want when you have a year old with you. Planning is your greatest asset.

Per the in-house facilities and activities on the ship, you should plan your days (and nights) well in advance around your baby’s schedule.

When are you going to go for that show, when will you go to the pool, when your baby’s sleeping, what will you do, what activities can you do even with your kid.

Planning in advance will help you soak in the most fun of the cruise.


Sure, as opposed to cruising alone or with just your partner, when with a baby you would have more responsibilities. And things may even come on your way of “having fun”.

However, in the end, with proper planning and the right cruise line like Star cruise package, you can make this trip a super-happening experience for your family with too many happy moments and fewer troubles.

A Cruise Holiday With a Baby: How To Make It Trouble-free?

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