The Exciting Trends That 2018 Is Going To Witness for Cruise Ship Vacations

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Nothing is more luxurious and comfortably beautiful than the cruise vacations, with the blue stretch of water engulfing you with serenity. If you are a sea lover and longing to make a cruise trip this year, you should not waste time, rather start planning now. According to statistical reports, 27.2 million people are expected to take a cruise in 2018, and this shows that travel freaks are definitely enjoying the idea of vacationing on the ships. Also, the cruise association have confirmed that around 27 new ocean, river, and specialty cruise ships are being launched this year to satiate the travel lovers with a much better enriching experience. 2018 is definitely going to be one of the best years for cruise ship vacations.

If you are inquisitive about the trends of cruise ships that are surfacing today, here are some of them that will definitely make you excited and happy about your next vacation.

  • Focus on specific countries
    This year, the majorly popular cruise lines have decided to focus on specific countries to help the passengers taste the culture, traditions and lifestyle of one single place at a time. This helps the travel lovers to concentrate on one specific ambience, without getting confused with too many.
  • More on-board activities introduced
    The cruise lines are bringing in more on-board activities to gain profits by offering something better to the travel enthusiasts.  The larger ships accommodate more activities, be it asking music bands to perform to various cruise parties, different types of game arrangements and much more. Thus, this year, you can look forward to a wide array of recreational activities on the cruise ships by traveling.
  • Eco tourism gains attention
    The cruise lines have taken up the responsibility to acknowledge the eco system, and hence are looking forward to aim at popularizing eco-tourism. There is a growing trend for cruise lines to offer packages to the people who want to enjoy checking out the threatened eco systems.  From historic places to rainforests, to glaciers, you get to taste everything of Mother Nature that is about to get extinct.

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  • Wellness programmes initiated
    To make cruise vacations more enjoyable and healthy for the fitness freak travel addicts, the cruise lines have opted for bringing in more wellness programmes.  A number of health services and experiences for the mind and body are guaranteed, and you get to explore the on-board health wellness seminars by health experts, custom fitness programs, stress management sessions, different types of spa and salon services and much more. Also, you would be enticed with healthy food items so that even if you’re conscious with carbs and fats, you can eat your heart out!
  • Port renovations with improved cruise terminals
    The new venues and port renovation is trending in the world of cruise travels and vacationing.  This also target improving the cruise terminals to lend a holistic approach to the travellers with the best experience onboard.
  • The culinary themed offerings increase
    The different cruise lines are giving way to the most enriching vacation cruise packages that consist of brand new variations of culinary themed offerings. Foodies can check out new cuisines and also learn some of them from the experts.
  • Faster and seamless
    The updated marine technologies are helping the cruises to become faster, and promise the most seamless travel services to the travellers.

Tapping more travel agents
The reputed and credible tour agencies in India witness a higher demand for the cruise vacations due to the unmatched expertise, comfort, high-end services and affordable packages they have been offering.


The Exciting Trends That 2018 Is Going To Witness for Cruise Ship Vacations

The Exciting Trends That 2018 Is Going To Witness for Cruise Ship Vacations

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