5 Things about Your Cruise Cabin You Didn’t Know

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A cruise ship offers different kinds of accommodation. From suites to rooms with balcony, the options are varied. However, the cabins harbor many secrets than you can even imagine. Having an idea about these will help you know how to make optimal use of your stay in the cabin. To know what those secrets are, keep reading the following points.

The walls are magnetic

Okay, so get the fact clear. A cruise ship is just a large piece of metal floating over the water. And everything on it is also made of metal, which includes the rooms as well. Carry some magnets and stick it to the walls to organize your things better. Stick all the abundance of papers shoved in your face by staff won’t take up a place in your room. If you forget to carry magnets, you will find some in the gift shop.

Use air fresheners in the washroom

Very few cruise liners have bathrooms with ventilator fans, so after a few hours of usage, the smell starts getting to you. But there is always a catch. Hanging a scented freshener from the shower curtain can make a huge difference. Pick your smell (the one that you like) and just hang it, the rest of the work will be done. But stay away from anything that involves fire. Safety hazards!

Use under-bed storage space

When going on cruise holidays, vacationers seem to over pack. (Trying to avoid laundry services is always a thing). But then storage problem becomes a major factor. Most of the closet space gets taken up by the large suitcases. This can be really annoying. However, there is loads of space in your room that gets hidden in plain sight. You ask where? We say look under your bed. There is enough space to stock your suitcases and get the closets all to your clothes. So next time you board a cruise, remember to look under the bed.

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Tap water is just water

Some cruisers complain that the tap water they drink doesn’t taste the same as the ones available in restaurants and bars. And let’s not even start with the price of the packaged water bottles available because they ensure that you have to empty your pockets to get a sip. But you don’t have to worry about the safety of the water you drink because they pass rigorous filtration test overseen by the top health agencies. They are absolutely safe and drinkable.

No moving around too much

Apart from the bed (whose direction can be changed according to your need), most of the furniture in a cruise ship is unmovable. From the center table to the sofa, every piece of furniture in the room is heavy. This is to ensure that they stay put on rough seas. Hence, if you thought you could just move around freely in a cruise cabin, you were pretty much mistaken. Unless you want to trip and fall, restrict your motions inside the cabins.

So now that you know some of the unknown features of a cabin on a cruise ship, make sure you use the information for your benefit. Popular travel agencies are offering cheap cruise vacations that include great accommodation opportunities. Book today! Bon Voyage!


5 Things about Your Cruise Cabin You Didn’t Know

5 Things about Your Cruise Cabin You Didn’t Know

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