Frequent Corporate Travellers: A Short Guide to Keep Stress at Minimum

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For many people, travelling is quite hectic in itself, let alone travelling for business purposes and likely assuming disappointing outcomes.

So, frequent corporate travellers don’t have it easy. No sightseeing. No luxury stays. And certainly not enough space to enjoy. Moreover, effective budget planning is a whole different mess.

To help here, to keep the stress at minimum, here are four tips for the corporate travelers:

1. Pack as lightly as possible

This is a golden rule: The less the better.

You’re not heading for a holiday. So, stop overcompensating your luggage.

In addition, while you’re sure going for business purpose, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to clad in a suit and trouser 24/7.

Pack lightly. Pack wears that you feel comfortable in. Say no to new and expensive clothes. Treat it as “just another trip” instead of adding psychological burden on yourself. This shift in mindset can add that comfort and “relaxed” factor to your corporate trips.

2. Plan the little details

Being organized and well-planned is the best way to tackle any stress and hassle, including traveling.

So, while starting the planning process as early as possible is important, so is planning the little details.

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Do not just assume you will be doing ‘something’ at ‘that time’. Know for sure. Plan. Plan by the hour so you left yourself with enough room for rest and some other activities.

3. Aim to be efficient and more productive

Even when you’re in a different city for a limited time period, you can still make the most of it. All you’ve got to do is be more efficient and productive than normal so you have enough spare time to do other things.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

Proper time management, as mentioned in tip #2, can help a lot here.

Other than that, depending on the kind of work you have, you’ll have to figure it out yourself.

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4. Work with corporate travel tour operators

This is essential if your travelling is really “frequent”.

Corporate tours and travels are much more than just booking. Among other things, it includes effective negotiation with different vendors, proper credit-card management and ensuring travelers’ safety.

Your company might not have sufficient expertise and resources to organize such corporate travels that’s affordable, hassle-free and quite convenient for you.

So, get in a meeting with your top management and decided to hire one of the top corporate travel tour operators.

These operators can make business travels incredibly easier for you.


These are four basic tips for corporate travelers to make their business trip less stressful.

Such travel experiences don’t have to be the bad ones. Yes, you’re visiting places for business. But if you plan thoroughly and have the right mindset, you can squeeze a lot from them, to learn more, enjoy life better and make loads of memories.


Frequent Corporate Travellers: A Short Guide to Keep Stress at Minimum

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