Where To Go Camping In India For  For Experiencing Nature At Its Best 

Spending time in the open air, staring at the stars, simply taking in every speck of the serenity that comes with being so close to the natural world is every travel buff’s dream. If you are one of those who picture the same while planning their holidays, then check out this list of places in India for the ultimate camping experience.

Be it a peaceful holiday or an adventurous one, camping is the latest trend as staying in a hotel or resort has become so passé. Everyone loves spending their holiday in some luxurious hotel but let’s admit that at times being away from it all, in the midst of nowhere is even more thrilling. The latest scene of camping in India has changed totally to come out as into a lavish experience. With more and more folks preferring this kind of stay, plenty of camps have come up to cater to all the requirements.

Camp Room on the Roof, Dehradun

A more than flawless camp for the adventure buffs, the Camp Room on the Roof is located 25km away from Chakrata, a picturesque town close to Dehradun. This camp is situated on the step farms giving it a mind-boggling view. From the campsite, you can get pleasure at the sight of the Virratkhai Valley. Setting up base here, you can set off to engage in activities such as rafting in the immaculate Yamuna River, mountain biking or mountaineering. The neighbouring view will soothe the vistas of your brain.

Nahan, Himachal Pradesh

At a height of 932m above sea level, the hill station of Nahan is situated atop the Shivalik range close to Solan. A remarkable summer camping place, the climate in Nahan stays cool year-round with winters observing a major drop in mercury. With green conifer trees nearby a manmade lake, Nahan makes for an enjoyable camping holiday far from the pressure of the city.

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Dangri Desert Safari Camp

Dangri Desert Safari Camp is the latest campsite. It provides the comfiest stay in its thirty-seven Swiss camps with regional music programs as well as cuisine. With its first-rate customer service, the camp has made its name in less than a year. It also helps in setting up safari tours for its visitors.

Located around the Thar’s desert landscape and golden dunes, this camp gives a relaxing and exotic feeling to the visitors who visit here during the luxury break. The interiors at the camps give off warmth and an affable atmosphere that makes visitors feel at ease. The tents are exceptionally sketched to offer visitors with a lifetime experience. They are excellent in terms of decor and interiors.

Tso Moriri, Ladakh

One of the highest lakes on earth, Tso Moriri in Ladakh is one of the best camping sites in India. The most excellent time to camp here is from May to September as the lake stays frozen for the rest of the year. Get pleasure from the comforts of the tents, gaze at the sunrise or go out trekking, this will be an experience of a lifetime-  the most doting memory of touring in India.

This year take an interest in camping away from all the noise and stress of the cities and go camping in different parts of India. Get in touch with a popular and reliable travel agency in your city and find out all that you need to know about camping.

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Where To Go Camping In India For  For Experiencing Nature At Its Best 

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