Here’s Where You Can Go To Spend a Restive Vacation In India!

Are you constantly bludgeoned by the seemingly fast paced life that has crept into every life today? Then the best thing to do is to try and spend a restive vacation with no kilometers of trekking or hours of travelling and sightseeing.

Just a calm holiday that will make all the difference to free your mind and your body.

In this blog, we are going to pick out the top places in India where you can spend a nice, feel good, and calm vacation. The nice weather, green environment, and tranquil mood will be perfect to declutter your mind and bring the real you back to the surface.

Now, let’s take a look at the location –

1.Tajpur, a solitary beach on the borders of Bengal

There are a hundred options to have fun if you are looking for that sort of experience – be it Goa or Mandarmani. However, Tajpur has its own charm and is rustic in a way that makes it the perfect spot to spend a weekend in tranquility.

Stretched for kilometers, Tajpur beach is a sight to coastal vegetation and a few shacks that also operate as local eateries. There are many exotic food options and one can also enjoy a few beers on the beach if they want to.

In fact, if you love a healthy serving of freshly prepared sea food, then this is just the place. Get in touch with your travel agency in Kolkata to know more about how to get there and also book the best hotels.

tajpur by reputed travel agency

2.Rajabhatkhawa, North Bengal

The name of the place literally translates to “the king who had his meal”, and it is a small town that borders the Buxa Tiger Reserve. It is a quiet hill station with plenty of greenery and you can have your own time and enjoy the warm meals and the winter sun.

Rajabhatkhawa is a perfect place to contemplate your life and have a wonderful time getting immersed in that experience.

Rajabhatkhawa tour and travels

3.Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

While India is a wild concoction of spiritual destinations, nothing does it better than Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir, when you want to have a quiet holiday. The villages are afar, and there are a lot of monasteries with wide courtyards and a lovely locale.

The people are warm and there is a lot of exotic food to enjoy as well, which makes it quite the journey for you in every way!

Ladakh travel agency

These are 3 of the best places to spend an unwinding vacation and you will not be disturbed by too many motor vehicles and noises. It will be a soul searching experience worth every bit!

Here’s Where You Can Go To Spend a Restive Vacation In India!

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