How To Make The Most Out Of Your Corporate Cruise?

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Blue sky at its finest, cool breeze making sweetest of melodies, best wine at disposal and a luxurious lounger sitting on the ship’s deck—with this setting, who would really feel like working. Not us!! You would just want to sit there, sip onto life and stay mesmerized in the beauty of nature.

However, when it’s one of corporate cruises, you would want yourself and the teams hustle to get some serious work done.

Planned a corporate cruise yet?

Whether it’s a yearly retreat for your employees or you just want to improve the efficiency and productivity of everyone at the office, cruises have emerged to be the most popular choice today. Even for small-scale companies who are often limited in their budget, thanks to cheap cruise package deals of top corporate travel agencies in India.

Past all the bookings and arrangements, it’s time to realize that these are just the starters. The real and most important task is actually getting things done when onboard. Here’s how to do it without cutting back on your fun-time.

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  1. What’s your ultimate goal

Why are you going on a cruise with your team in the first place? What’s its main purpose? What do you want to achieve from it? Maybe it’s just for the recreational purpose, to meet the prospect clients or to close deals. Underline the ultimate goal and plan accordingly.

Note: Even when it’s just for leisure, have some small goals to make it investment-worthy.

  1. Make a ‘To-Do’ list

Create a list of all that you want to do and achieve on the cruise. Make small goals and write down the set of actions to achieve these goals. Don’t overflow it—keep the list short, simple and sweet.

  1. Arrange few small meetings than a long one

Don’t plan one never-ending meeting. Not only is it going to be tedious but it’s also less productive. Instead, arrange for several meetings on a wide interval to fit in your small goals. Start every meeting afresh. New ideas and better approach with rain in!

  1. Keep the setting professional…

Just because meetings are on cruise doesn’t mean it has to be less-than professional. Don’t set any formal dress code but do wear decent outfits. Have meetings in the right setup and not just in any café and restaurant. Top cruise lines usually have good conference rooms—book them.

  1. But make it fun

Don’t bring the feel of your workplace to your meetings on cruise. You want it different, refined and rejuvenated. In between the serious talks, you can also include fun, team-building and productive activities. What will these activities be—decide on them in advance.

These are 5 simple ways to make the most out of your corporate cruise. Make it enjoyable and memorable—but equally rewarding for your business. Contact a good corporate travel agent.


How To Make The Most Out Of Your Corporate Cruise?

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Corporate Cruise?

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