How To Spend Your Summer While Traveling In India

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India is a widely held summer destination for European vacationers, monsoon lovers, and tourists who like to travel against the grain. There are loads of decent reasons for stopping at India during the summer: the plethora of festivals, Himalayan places unattainable during winter, clear tourist attractions, inexpensive airfares, and reduced accommodation charges, to name a few.

If this sounds like something you dig, here are some of the activities that will keep you busy during your visit this summer.

Nip tea in Darjeeling

A famous hill station located high in the Himalayas on the northern rim of West Bengal, Darjeeling also offers its name to the world’s finest tea. During the 19th century, Darjeeling was the summer destination for the British in Calcutta.

Discover the origin of the Ganges

The Ganges River, popular in India as Ganga Mata, is the sustenance of the nation and its most holy river. One-tenth of humankind relies on its gift for their livelihood. It flows out of the high Himalayas in northern India and discovering its source/s is a key pilgrimage activity each summer after the snow thaws out and the villages and road become accessible (between April and November).

Experience pleasure

Summer monsoon season is the greatest time for Ayurvedic treatment in India. The lethargic mugginess opens the pores and makes the body more amenable to the medicated oils. In Southern India, Kerala is tropical heaven on the Arabian Sea and the finest place for Ayurvedic treatment in the country. Ayurvedic resorts, from the luxurious to the rustic, line the shorelines between palm tree forests and white sand beaches and provide a calming vacation as well as genuine treatments.

Hum in the rain

Monsoon is an elite time of the year in India. The summer rains bring welcome liberations from the sweltering heat of untimely summer and they are a sign of vigor, fertility and ecstatic abandon. Bollywood movie spectators know that when rain showers drench the heroine and hero, it’s shorthand for the lovemaking they can’t display on the screen.

Relax  at a hill station

At present, tourists to Shimla enjoy the casual vibe, Raj-era building and stunning views of the Himalayas from The Mall, a crest-top, pedestrian-only main road that was once inaccessible to Indians. Don’t neglect high tea at the graceful, century-old Oberoi Cecil Hotel.

Trek in Ladakh

During winter, the Ladakh area of India’s distant northern state is a nippy, isolated, and grim mountain realm. But come summer, flowers blossom and the travellers return to appreciate the bare, lunar-like sceneries and conventional Central Asian, Tibetan and Indian cultures.

Leh, the area’s capital, has few of the finest treks in India. The very handy place and regal monastery, Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, is an amazing place to look at the sunrise over the Himalayas.

Gobble on mangoes

Untimely summer, before the monsoon comes, is the hottest time of year in India. The sole relief comes from this succulent and sweet fruit, revered the nation over.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on such amazing opportunities, get in touch with the best travel agency in the city and head out on your voyage!


How To Spend Your Summer While Traveling In India

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