Take a Trip Down The Higher Plane With These Spiritual Travels In India!

Travelling is an experience of wonder and realization, and there are some places that bring it close to a higher reality. Energies are what drives us and if you believe in other worldly affairs and want to experience the presence of absolute on earth, then you need to venture out a little further.

India is known to the globe as the land of mysticism and to not experience it, being a part of this country is a rather unfortunate missing. You could have any set of beliefs, or have no belief at all, but when you come in touch with these places, you will feel something a lot more than yourself. If you are open to that kind of an experience, then keep reading –

1.Kashi – the oldest city and gates of Moksha

Kashi is said to have been established on the banks of river Ganga by Shiva himself and it is one of the most eclectic places you will find in this country. Home to several world renowned mystics like Trailanga Swami, Patanjali, and Sankara, it is a place of contrasts.

There are different sects of belief here all co-existing within this city, be it the occult of Aghoris, or the nudity of Nagas, and the monastic life of the Dashanamis. Witness the fire ritual and celebration of the life giving Ganga and the eternal flame of the Domes that is used to burn the bodies of those who are guaranteed moksha, just because they were cremated here!

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2.Ajmer Sharif Dargah, the harbor of Sufism

This Sufi shrine is located in Rajasthan and is one of the most visited dargahs in all of India. Visiting this tomb of Moinuddin Chisti, the saint of Sufism with your group holiday packages in India is going to be an experience of a lifetime.

Also, the quiet peace and beautiful architecture of the dome is a beauty in itself!

3.Lotus Temple – the meditative shrine of acceptance

If you are one who does not go by the rules and likes to keep your beliefs personal and more on a humanist line, then the Lotus Temple is just the place to visit. Dedicated to the Bahai’I Mother and located in Delhi, it’s design is inspired from the petals of a lotus.

It is open to people of all castes, creed, race, ethnicity, and religion – and is the kind of place the world needs right now!

These are the three places in this world that are definitely going to give you an other worldly or spiritual experience. Even if you travel with holiday tour groups, make sure to take sometime to yourself and feel the beauty of it all within you!



Take a Trip Down The Higher Plane With These Spiritual Travels In India!

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