Top Destinations For An Exciting Cruise Vacation Across India

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It’s time that you escape from the bustling city and embark on an exciting cruise trip with your family. If you want to explore the exceptional water forms in the country then what can be the best way than to book for affordable cruise ship packages this winter?

Therefore, all you need to do is contact one of the popular tour operators in the country. They have come up with unique packages you cannot afford to miss. Therefore, read on to know more about the same.

Andaman Islands glass bottom cruise

Considered to be one of the popular destinations for cruise trip in India, the Andaman Island glass bottom cruise is perfect for beach lovers and divers. This cruise from India lets you sail on the glass bottomed boats offering spectacular views of exquisite colorful corals along the strong waves near the exotic Neil Island & Jolly Buoy.

Chilika Lake Cruise

It is a hidden picturesque destination for a relaxing cruise trip. You can reach the nearest city from where you can embark on the cruise ship. You can get a large array of local dishes cooked by the chef’s on board as well. About 60kms away from Puri it is a popular spot amongst the birdwatchers as well. You can find an array of migratory birds like herons, falcons, spot billed pelicans, etc.

Kochi Cruise

Do you want to sail along the glinting waves as the breeze caress your hair ? Head to Kochi, one of the most popular destinations in India. With a perfect weather almost the entire year, winter is the best time that you can visit this place.  You can even find traditional delicacies on board which is a great way to experiment with your palate.

Goa Cruise

Goa has been a famous tourist destination for river and sea cruises. With cultural activities and loads of entertainment, beer & buffet on board- you can cruise down the Mandovi river into the Zuari Bay. Take some time out from your daily schedule and explore the Goan culture with your family.

Thus, what are you waiting for ? Get in touch with one of the popular travel agencies for booking an affordable cruise ship vacation packages. All you need to do is contact the help team and communicate the dates so that accordingly they can come up with an itinerary.

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Top Destinations For An Exciting Cruise Vacation Across India

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