The Travel Agencies in Kolkata Suggest Few Places in India To Avoid During Monsoon

famous travel agencies in Kolkata

Monsoon is one of the best seasons to enjoy pristine Nature, and places like Kerala and Goa must be visited during the rainy months.  The travel agencies bring in the most happening packages at affordable rates during the monsoon months, and you need to make a list of those. There are few who avoid traveling in the rainy season, but the wanderlust souls must make sure to explore the best places in India during these months. There are some places in India which receive very heavy rainfall causing floods that disrupt proceedings and damage lives and property. Hence, while booking the package through any travel agent, make sure that the company has enough knowledge about the places one must not visit during rains in India.

Here are some places that the reputed travel agencies Kolkata ask you not to visit during the heavy rainfalls in India.

famous travel agencies in Kolkata

Sikkim is one of the best hill stations for the hill lovers with scintillating beauty of nature alluring you to travel to that place again and again. But, rains also cause a lot of hassles for the travellers to visit this North Eastern state. Roads are bad and hence, you can hardly step out to indulge into any kind of sight-seeing as landslides and floods might affect portions of this state. The scenic mountain views are also blurred out by the clouds and you get to view almost nothing.

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Remember the life-damaging floods that hit the hill station of Uttarakhand?   Regarded as one of the country’s most flooded affected regions, this place must not be visited at all during the rains as the travel agents say it can be life-threatening.  Roads are damaged and also the weather doesn’t permit you to enjoy the natural beauty there.

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The infrastructure of Mumbai is pretty horrible and hence with heavy rainfall, certain lower portions go under water.   The problems in traffic and electricity cause a lot of damage, and hence this place must only be visited in summer or winter as monsoon becomes too risky to survive for the travellers there.  Commuting from one corner to the other during the rains is a tedious task making it a bad choice to travel during monsoon.

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The traffic and electricity becomes ruthless during the monsoons in Chennai and this place is quite well-known for getting submerged with heavy rainfall.  The main tourist destinations kike Marina Beach or Pondicherry become flooded completely. Thus, the reputed famous travel agencies in Kolkata recommend not visiting here in monsoons.

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This wonderful hill station of Bengal suffers landslides and other natural calamities during the monsoons, and you might face hassles if you visit this place during rains. The roadblocks and blocking of the views of the hills make it a bad trip.

Thus, listen to the advices of the travel agencies and make sure to choose the right group holiday packages in India during monsoons.


The Travel Agencies in Kolkata Suggest Few Places in India To Avoid During Monsoon





The Travel Agencies in Kolkata Suggest Few Places in India To Avoid During Monsoon

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