Travel Alone In India This Summer With (VERY) Less Money- 7 Pro Tips

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While travelling tops everyone’s bucket list, it often lurks in the corner when it comes to priorities.And there are plenty of reasons behind that. Of course, lack of time is one.The foremost reason, however, is lack of sufficient money.

Travelling Doesn’t Have To Be Luxury

Fact is that people are always short on budget when it comes to travelling. And that’s because of the mainstream perception that travelling always have to be a luxurious and an extravagant affair-a perception fanned by Hollywood movies and YA novels.

You Don’t Need To Be Rich….

If the experienced travel bloggers and their extraordinary stories have taught us anything it’s that you don’t need to be rich to travel around the world. In fact, the real fun and adventure begins when your bank account is low and you’re looking for ways to survive for few more days before returning back home.

So you’re not filthy rich; in fact, if anything, your saving is shrinking by passing days. But even then, you can take an escape from your regular life this summer. Travel alone, in and across India, with less money. Here are 5 tips from pro travelers who have been doing this successfully for years-

  •  It Needs To Be Planned

As exciting and adventurous as those spontaneous plans are, when traveling alone on a limited budget you need to let go of that idea. You must plan everything. Right from the places you’re going to go, the amount you’ll spend in these places, to transportation and food cost and more. The more definite you are in your plan and calculations, smoother will be the journey ahead.

  • Plan Everything On Weekdays

Summer is a peak season when everyone travels and enjoys vacations. So admittedly prices are high as compared to other time of the year. Yet, you can manage to strike affordable deals if you plan everything for the weekdays. It’s not a cliche, everything on the weekend is costly including foods, park access and night outs.

  • Learn To Bargain

India is a land where everything is bargain-able. In fact, it is nothing short of a tradition to bargain the vendors when buying things. From bus and rickshaw fare to foods to clothes and accessories, you can bring down the price of nearly everything if you’re convincing and persistent enough. You just need to learn to haggle.

  • Walk Or Hitchhike

Walking on the streets of India is as exciting as it gets. Every corner of the street has its own face and distinct story. New faces, new experience on every corner. So instead of taking up any taxi or bus, walk as much as you can. If it’s a long distance, hitchhike your way. People, everywhere in this country, would be more than happy to help you.

  • Enjoy Uncertainties

When you’re traveling alone-and that, on low budget-you’re going to face plenty of challenges, and many more uncertainties. If you’re someone who loves to stay in your comfort bubble, you’re going to hate it and would even want to return back home. Refrain. Learn to enjoy uncertainties and your discomfort. At the end, you’ll have a great story to foretell.

  • Limit On Your Royal-Like Spending Habit

So you’re used to spend thousands every week clubbing, spend more on breakfast in fancy restaurants. And you’re ready at a drop of a dime to purchase anything and everything. This – your royal-like spending habit – you must give up when travelling alone. Limit your spending habit; be more conscious on when, where and why you’re spending.

  • Take Time In Picking A Good Travel Agency

The best travel agencies in India – who are known not just for their promises but their delivery – can be of great help when planning a solo travel on limited budget. Their affordable travel packages can smooth things up for you, taking care of everything, including transportation and accommodation. So take your time in picking one of the most reputed travel agencies in Kolkata, India; see their specialization field and ensure they have experience dealing with solo travelers.


  • Go On A Cruise Ship Travel

If travelling alone is really an out-of-my-comfort-zone idea for you, you can browse through affordable cruise travel packages. Much more comfortable and certain, with plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate, and contrary to what many believe, it could be quite affordable. All you need is to look through various best cruise deals and pick one that suits your individual need and budget.

These are 7 simple tips-straight from experienced travelers-to ensure you enjoy a fun and exciting solo travelling even when limited in your budget. So make this coming summer the most memorable ever. Pick your bag, and bid adieu your regular life for a week or two.

Travel Alone In India This Summer With (VERY) Less Money- 7 Pro Tips

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