The Ultimate Guide To Plan a Family Holiday on Super-Tight Budget

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So you promised your kids last winter that you would take them “somewhere awesome” next vacation. Coming summer, your financial standing is a complete wreck and you just realized the only place you can take them now is to your local amusement park—and that, for limited rides. Sounds like you?

Even if not, point is to say, you want to spend a perfect holiday with your family but it’s the shoe-string budget looking at you with a grumpy face? .

Sure, to enjoy a sweet vacation at someplace nice, with all the luxuries, you would need to spend big money. However, just because you’re limited in finance doesn’t mean you should ditch the whole dream of holidaying with your other-half and kids. Why?

  • Because you don’t want to break your kids’ hearts.
  • Because there are ways to plan a rocking family holiday on a super-tight budget.

Yes, you can really take your family to “somewhere awesome” this summer even when you have limited to spare. All you need to do is be smart in making decisions and planning. Here are 7 ways how-

  1. Start before summer really hit

Prices of nearly everything picks up during summer; from transportation to hotels to sightseeing. You don’t really have to hit your destination at this high-season. Start before summer really picks up—before everyone crowds the airports, beaches and hotels. A week before is nice.

  1. Nice’ doesn’t have to be expensive

Contrary to what you may think, nice doesn’t have to be expensive. There are places that are beyond nice and are very affordable, hotels that offer luxury amenities at cheap and exciting sights that are absolutely free. So give up the idea that you have to spend extravagantly for everything ‘nice’.

  1. Pick a good (but cheap) destination

Again, a nice holiday destination doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some great places in India where you can enjoy with your family without burning holes in your pockets. Look around carefully; ask your kids but have your own say. You can even consult reputed travel agencies in Kolkata for ideas.

  1. A cruise holiday can be a great idea

No Himachal, no Darjeeling and no Kerala. Instead of going to these, admittedly amazing, destinations, why not go on a cruise? Today, cruise packages have become much affordable. Sailing over vast sea for a week with nothing to disturb but only nature to mingle with, you and your kids will make memories for life here.

  1. Be certain on your spending

Trust us, unless you know where you’ll be spending, how you’ll be spending, and when you’ll be spending, you will end up spending more. So be certain on all your expense. Plan things well; and write it down, in fact.

  1. Cut back on the unnecessary costs

There are many unnecessary costs that you can easily cut back; ways you can save money easily. Like, instead of taking buses and taxis, walk; instead of brunching in a five-star hotel, eat street vendors’. Head to the free parks and locations than to places that charge money.

  1. Let travel agencies in India handle bookings

Have best travel agencies in Kolkata by your side to not only make your holiday fun and hassle-free but also to make it affordable. Top agencies, with years of experience and business-dealings in their pockets, can strike perfect hotel and travelling deals for you and your family.

These are 7 ways to plan a perfect vacation this summer with your family on a super-tight budget. Of course, there will be challenges. But if you’re smart enough, it will all be fun, memorable and affordable.

The Ultimate Guide To Plan a Family Holiday on Super-Tight Budget

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