Why Traveling Plans With Friends Fail (And How You Can Save Yours)

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This meme sums it all…

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Excited about the prospect of fun, the group devise a trip. But by passing days, new problems and excuses pop-up. Until the last day, there’s only a couple of person left who now “don’t want to go alone”.

And so the traveling plan tanks… AGAIN!

Come on, you know how it happens!

However, if you’re really serious this time — maybe it’s the end of the school or college, maybe it’s the last time the group will be together — there’s a lot you can do to make the traveling plan (and trip) a complete success.

Here are 3 reasons why holiday plan with friends often fail and how you can save yours:

1. No one to plan the trip

Planning a trip is not easy. Far from it actually!

There’s just too much to handle — from booking tickets to accommodation to planning sightseeing.

All these overwhelm many and the group eventually drops the idea of holidaying together.

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The best tour agency in Kolkata by your side will not only take care of the entire end of planning the trip for you, but it would also help you optimize the cost of the trip, saving you big in bookings.

2. Short in budget

This is usually the biggest problem. We all “want” to travel but the majority doesn’t have the stomach to smartly afford it.

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Even when combined, the group cannot bring sufficient amount to the table to enjoy a good holiday experience. So, the spur-of-the-moment traveling idea tanks faster.

If budget is your problem, here are two things you can do:

  • Plan for the trip well in advance. This will buy everyone enough time to save money.
  • You don’t have to visit the most luxury destinations. Replace Switzerland with Kufri and Armação dos Búzios with Le Pondy Beach Resort.
  • It doesn’t have to be “equal distribution”. Those who are financially in a good place, they can contribute slightly more.

3. Sole decision-makers

There are too many alphas and egos in the group.

Some want to go to a hill station, others demand a beach destination. Some prefer traveling by air, others believe the train is the best option.

When one person’s opinion and the decision is enforced on others, the plan bounds to fail.

Remember, this is a group trip, Don’t let one person make all the decisions. Take everyone’s opinions and feedbacks. Plan like a team.

The happier everyone is with the plan, the more likely that they would go on this trip.

These are 3 reasons why traveling plan with friends usually fails.

If you’re really serious about making it happen this time, steer clear of these reasons. Be thoughtful, make the plan right and, of course, enjoy grand. This might very well be the last time all these friends are together.


Why Traveling Plans With Friends Fail (And How You Can Save Yours)

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