Visit Kedarnath This Shravan: A Short Guide For Solo Travelers

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The beaches and exotic holidays are passé.

Give the traveler in you a religious kick this time. Visit Kedarnath.

While you may not necessarily get Moksha, you sure will leave this town in Uttarakhand with plenty of memories and a hushed wish to re-visit it next year.

One of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India, Kedarnath attracts crores of devotees from around the world between late-April and late-October.

While the town is packed with more than 200 shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Kedarnath, at the altitude of 3,586 meters, nestled among mesmeric mountain peaks, is the most important one.

Adding to the excitement of the visit to this destination is the Sharavan Maas, usually in August, the most auspicious period on the Hindu calendar.

So, if you’re a travel junkie, nature lover or thrill seeker, give your bucket list an adjust this year to put Kedarnath over Vienna and Bruges. Pick your backpack this season and step up your traveling (and Insta) game to see the blessed faith on the faces of the devotees, the best of Indian culture, and lots of beautiful mountains and religious structures.

Early Booking Is Everything

No matter where you’re traveling, this is the ultimate rule: Make all your bookings in advance and start planning as early as possible.

Lakhs of people visit Kedarnath during Sharavan. Booking train or air tickets, as well as hotel rooms, get quite difficult and, of course, expensive.
So, to avoid any last-minute rush, book early.

Also, note, at present, the government only allows 5,000 pilgrims a day on the Kedarnath yatra. And this requires registration. You can register online or at the registration counters that you will find in many public places in the town, including at railway stations and bus stands.

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Stay Prepared for the Crowd

It’s going to be very crowded. And if you don’t really like a swarm of people, Shravan might not be the right time to visit Kedarnath.

The last few days before the temple gate closes is the best time; you won’t find as much rush as the early weeks of April, May, and August.

But if you’re fine seeing a crowd around you, buying from loud street hawkers and meeting new people, the whole visit to Kedarnath would be quite a lively experience for you.

Pack Right For The Trek

Reaching the peak and witnessing the Holy temple involves a trek of 16km from Gaurikund. While a lot of improvements have been made to make this journey easy and safe, it still stands quite challenging.

So, it’s important that you’re physically and mentally prepared for this climb. In addition, if you suffer from any respiratory problem, you might want to consult your doctor first before venturing out.

On the trip, in between the crowd, while there do exist sufficient facilities, you don’t want to feel “not good”.

An Inexperienced Traveler?

Planning a trip to Kedarnath could be a bit overwhelming. More so when you’re planning your visit during such a rush.

So, if you’re not exactly an experienced solo traveler, things could be even more stressful. This is why, instead of doing it all by yourself, hire one of the best domestic tour operators in Kolkata.

Such operators that offer services for solo travel groups in Kolkata will ensure for your seamless experience; no confusion, no mishaps in the booking. You can always contact them whenever you need any assistance.


Kedarnath Yatra could be one of your life’s best experiences. Not because it has to do something with religion. But because of all the things you will see and feel throughout the course of this journey… the scenic mountains, beautiful faces, people helping each other, a cultural reflection of India, and our forces ensuring that the trip remains safe and happening for all.

Visit Kedarnath This Shravan: A Short Guide For Solo Travelers

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