Durga Puja Vacation: How to Make it Memorable for Your Kids?

places to visit during puja vacation

Don’t let it be just another deadbeat vacation when you’re hooked to your day job and your kids to their phones.

Make this Durga Puja vacation fun and memorable (and relaxing). Here’s how:

Send An Email To Your HR and Boss

Ask (Read: Tell) them about the time off you need in October.

For the working parents, this is one of the first and perhaps the biggest challenge. Getting a vacation leave at the job is not easy.

But then this time don’t let that excuse be a disappointment for your kids.

Ask for the time off (of at least a week) as early as you can. Talk to your HR and boss, in person, to convince them, if they have any objection.

If you’re still having trouble getting the asked time off, consider leaving the job. (No kidding!)

Do you really want to be in a company that doesn’t consider your personal life, family and well-being? Look for other opportunities.

Involve Your Kids In the Planning Process

Yes, you’re the grown-up. And you know better. But the vacation is for your little (or big) ones. So, let them plan the most of it. After all, they know better what will make them excited and happier.

Where do they want to go? What kind of accommodation do they want to be in? What kind of activities do they want to get involved in?

Ask them these questions.

Chip In Your Own Inputs

Now, of course, you’re paying for it. And you’re not the one who hushedly wants to miss out school when it re-opens. So, you’ve got to bring your saner inputs into this plan.

Plan your budget right. Making your bookings early so to avoid any last minute hassle.

You’re traveling during Puja vacation. So, instead of Goa and Manali, pick more ideal and appropriate places to visit during Puja vacation. This usually makes Kolkata a go-to destination.

The (Right) Places To Visit

Durga Puja in Kolkata is much more than just a religious festival. It’s an extravaganza that epitomizes cultural fun. From the best pandals to delicious street foods to the happy faces around you — you’re promised an experience of your lifetime.

But what if you’re already from Kolkata?

Well, the country homes many fiesta-like destinations for Durga Puja vacation.

Hampi, Haridwar, Ahmadabad, Katra (J&K), Varanasi, and Guwahati are some of the other great places to visit during Puja vacation.

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Google “travel agency near me“, find one, go through their custom packages and pick one.

travel during durga puja

Do Not Rush…

Wherever you’re going, make sure to not rush through. It’s a vacation and you’re supposed to be relaxing and having fun with your family.

So, plan liberally. Ask your travel agency in Kolkata customize the holiday package accordingly. Have enough days in hand. Do not try to see every place in a few days. Do not squeeze too many pandals and activities in a single day.

Remember, spending some quality time with your kids in a different environment is MORE important than soaking the most sights from your trip.


Durga Puja is one of the country’s richest religious and cultural extravaganza. Do not let it slip by this year 2019.

Help your kids understand the festival; why it’s celebrated, how it is celebrated.

But most importantly, make their Durga Puja an excuse to escape your daily hectic life and enjoy some quality time with your whole family.

Durga Puja Vacation: How to Make it Memorable for Your Kids?

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