37 Quick Tips to Make Your First Solo Trip Fun (And Safe)

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Going on your first solo trip – whether it’s to the next-door city or halfway across the world – could be anxiety-filled.

You’re going alone. What if things go wrong? What if you get in trouble? From personal safety to budget – there’s plenty to take care of. And then, of course, there’s also the stress of keeping your Insta game lit.

But then the fun, excitement, and memories far outweigh all the hassle you through when planning (and executing) the trip.

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To help you set the foot in the right direction, here are 37 quick tips to make your first solo trip fun and safe:

  1. When solo traveling for the first time, there shouldn’t be any such thing as “impulsive”. The trip must be planned thoroughly.
  2. Here’s the most cliche traveling tip that you knew was coming: start planning as early as you can. It helps you avoid last-minute anxiety. And advanced bookings can save you plenty through discount offers.
  3. Pack very lightly. Don’t overstock your clothes, shoes,and accessories in the name of “I might need it”. Trust us, you won’t need them.
  4. Even when you think you don’t need it, buy travel insurance
  5. Don’t stay in luxury hotels; unless you can afford it of course. There’s Airbnb, hostels specifically for solo travelers and other affordable accommodation solutions.
  6. Don’t pick too many destinations. You don’t want to be running from one place to another with crunched time. Focus more on the depth and not width. Pick a few places and explore it in more details.
  7. Do proper research of the destinations you’re visiting, including how safe and affordable they are.
  8. Plan your budget in advance. Be calculative and thorough. Don’t assume you will spend as you go, else you’ll end up over-spending.
  9. Specifically when traveling to some international destination, have enough money. Plan your budget liberally.
  10. Avoid using public Wifi to do online transaction. If you’re going to do it, use a VPN to protect your identity.
  11. Dress like the locals to stay low-key. You don’t want to attract too much attention in your fedora like an immature, clueless tourist.
  12. Save the map of your destination for offline view. You don’t want to end up stuck anywhere with no internet connection.
  13. Have all the emergency contacts written on a piece of paper and not just your phone. If your phone gets lost, you would still have these contacts.
  14. Unless you know the place well and it’s extremely safe, avoid exploring it by yourself. Book tour guides for convenience and safety.
  15. Walk wherever you can. You will save money. Plus, you will experience the local life up and close.
  16. To cover long distances, opt for public transport. They are cheaper. (Although you might want to avoid the peak time.)
  17. DO NOT go off-track for long in the name of adventure. Stick to your plan and routes.
  18. Talk to the people. Ask for their help. The world isn’t a bad place. You will find most of them to be very friendly, quite willing to help you.
  19. Say “no” to posh restaurants and foods that you can’t even pronounce correctly. Whenever you can, eat at outdoor outlets.
  20. Have a few books with you or download a few movies for offline watch to keep yourself entertained during long commutes.
  21. Do not forget to carry all the medicines that you think you’re going to need.
  22. Make sure the luggage/bags are strong enough and have anti-theft features.
  23. Wherever you’re going, start early and reach the place a few minutes or hour in advance. Avoid the last-minute hassles.
  24. Keep all your valuables– from money to phone – safe, very close to yourself, always in front of your eyes.
  25. If you’re not a pro planner, have a good travel agency by your side. Work with professionals to help you plan your solo trip itinerary.
  26. Again, if you don’t have the necessary time to plan, do research and make your bookings, it’s always the best idea to hire a reputed travel agency.
  27. Smile at people. BUT don’t look clueless and lost.
  28. Talk to the local people. Engage with them. This will help you understand their culture better. To that, in conversations like these will you make newer memories for the future.
  29. Don’t push yourself. If you need rest, take rest and not go to see that statue. If you’re tired, go to bed early. Keeping yourself physically and mentally fit is important to really enjoy the trip.
  30. Do not post about each of your movement and plan on social media. While this might not be such a big deal, it isn’t good for your personal safety.
  31. Explore the place during day time. Meaning, give your days an early start.
  32. Learn new things wherever and whenever you can. Join them in the dance. Get your hands dirty in making pottery. Enroll in that that one-day cooking lesson.
  33. Leave your expensive items back home. You don’t want to flaunt them.
  34. Party, yes. But stay sober. Don’t drink.
  35. Stay in touch with your friends and family. Keep them informed about your whereabouts.
  36. Don’t over-shop. Sure, you might be tempted to purchase those clothes, gadgets, and souvenirs. But over-doing it is not good for budget. Moreover, they might not fit your bags. And over-weight luggage could cost you big.
  37. Don’t spend all your time on the phone. Naturally, you want to click killer pictures for your Instagram. But the foremost priority is looking up and witnessing all the miracles that the world has to offer.

These are 37 quick tips to make your first solo trip fun, safe and memorable.

It’s okay if you’re feeling anxious. Often, it’s not fear but the excitement of what is to be an epic trip. Get past that feeling and enjoy your first solo trip.

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37 Quick Tips to Make Your First Solo Trip Fun (And Safe)

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