Celebrate World Tourism Day 2019 with 9 (Less-Known) Travel Facts

World Tourism Day 2019

Traveling is much more than just about feeding your leisure needs to explore unknown lands, discover new sights, taste new foods and meet more people. Your decision to pick up a bag today and travel to that place make up a billion-dollar industry that helps millions of people survive.

It is to promote this idea of traveling and its cultural, social, economic and political relevance did, in 1980, United Nations World Tourism Organization announced ‘World Tourism Day’ to be celebrated on September 27 every year. Each year sees a new host and a different theme.

This time, in 2019, India is hosting World Tourism Day for the first time. The theme is ‘Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all’. The key objective is to identify opportunities and adopt methods that open new avenues for employment in the field of tourism.

Now, while you might not necessarily be much psyched about the World Tourism Day 2019 per se (you may have, in fact, not even remember the date), you sure care plenty about traveling. You want to travel the world. À la Bunny from #YJHD, you want to fly, you want to run, you want to fall – you just don’t want to stop.

To trigger that travel bite that you have – or that you plan to get one very soon – here are 9 less-known travel facts that would make you want to contact a travel agency, make your bookings, pack your bag and bid adieu your daily routine for a few days:

  1. Russia is big, you know that. But how big? Well, it’s bigger than Pluto. So, whatever kind of a traveler are you at heart, this country packs plenty of wonders to suit your preference – from Hermitage Museum for the history buffs to black-sand Khalaktyrsky beach for all the beach-lovers.
  2. Australia has the most number of beaches in the world; well over 10,000. So, even if you visit one beach a day, it would take you 27+ years to have visited them all. So, do you love the beach? You know where to go!
  3. 90 percent of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere. So, if you’re a recluse-like who loves alone-time, hates crowd and romanticizes places with no human in sight, southern hemisphere is your go-to. It includes Antarctica, Oceania, and parts of South America, Africa, and Asia.
  4. France is the most visited country in the world with 86.9 million visitors a year. Next comes Spain with 81.8 million visitors annually. In India, in 2017, over 10 million tourists marked their presence.
  5. Talking about the most visited city in the world, Bangkok ranks #1 – a spot that it has held multiple times. And it’s not surprising given the city is affordable, diverse, culturally rich and is jam-packed with serenading beauty. So, if you’re planning your very first international trip, Bangkok might just be the right place. Contact a reputed travel agency and get to the planning today.
  6. India is the most diverse country in the world. Yes, you know this already! We just thought to remind you about how blessed we all are. 😉 (Btw, that said, it’s not us but Papua New Guinea that has the largest number of languages spoken.)
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  7. 99 percent of Libya is desert. If you like the old-school places with antiquated feel, Libya is a great pick. (But getting your Visa here might not be very easy.)
  8. Thousands of people throw money in Trevi Fountain in Rome every day. In 2016, a total of USD 1.5 million was collected from the fountain which was then donated to multiple charities. So, if you’re in the city, throw a coin – if not to have your wishes fulfilled then to at least help those in need.
  9. The Palms Casino Restaurant in Las Vegas touts to have the most extensive room/suite in the world. A night of stay at its ‘Empathy Suite’ will cost you your life… jk, it would cost you just $100,000. (Now you know where not to stay! ;))

These are 9 less-known travel facts.

Now, don’t delay that plan to “someday”. If not to fit your holiday mood, at least for your health sake – TRAVEL! Traveling helps you tackle stress, fight depression and shield from heart disease. There are plenty more benefits that you already know of.

So, this World Tourism Day 2019, celebrate with a promise… a promise to travel to your favorite destination before the year runs out.

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Celebrate World Tourism Day 2019 with 9 (Less-Known) Travel Facts

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