Embark On a Micro-Travel Trend This Year

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Millennials are unique in so many different levels. For starters, they do know how to value the experiences in life above all the materialistic bliss. They love to breathe in every moment and enjoy the happiness that is short-lived yet full of life. Hence, no wonder a new trend has emerged amongst these folks.

Micro-tourism is something that you must have heard about in one of the social media pages. Micro trips are basically planned and better executed short trips which maximizes the destination time and minimizes the time which is spent on transit or doing other unimportant stuffs. Since we all lead a hectic lifestyle , squeezing a short trip in between the hectic schedule can be really exciting ! Hence, read on to know more about the secret to a successful planning . Seeking help from a professional top travel agency is what can save you from a lot hiccups.

Pick and easy to reach destination for your trip!

You can cut down a lot of travel hours if you simply book a flight to the desired location or opt for a destination that is closer to the place you live. For example, if you’re planning for a small gateway during the festive season simply opt for North Bengal as a choice of trip! However, if you want to go interstate, it would be advisable to opt for a trip to Delhi wherein you can tour the historical places like Qutub Minar, Agra, etc.

Plan the details of the trip ahead of time

Now that you’ve picked the destination, figured out the timeline and booked your tickets, it’s time that you do the real planning! It would be advisable to opt for only one big and meaningful activity for the day. To be honest you cannot visit all the places given the duration of time, hence there’s no use scuttling around.

For the clothing , stick to only such pieces that are comfortable, stylish and versatile in nature. Avoid stress when it comes to packing as there’s no use packing too many clothes that will otherwise increase the weight of the luggage.

Make sure to opt for local rides as much as possible. Do some research on the bus and taxi routes so that you can opt for them instead of booking expensive private cars. In fact, you can also hire bikes for touring around the place if you know how to ride.

Plan with the help of a popular tour operator

Opt for a seamless trip planning with the help of one of the popular tour operators in Kolkata. All you need  to do is get in touch with the help team and communicate your trip details. Accordingly they’ll curate a customized itinerary for your micro-trip!


Embark On a Micro-Travel Trend This Year

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