4 Must Visit Places All Over the World for Group Tours In 2018

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As we come to an end of 2017, it is time to update ourselves for the next year. 2018 is all about traveling to remote locations which have the best of everything. Be it the serene scenery or the top notch accommodation, the delectable cuisines or the friendly people, these four destinations as summed here are the best travel itinerary you can have for 2018. So call your friends, and let them know about these destinations. But wait, what are these places? Here, take a look at them.


This quiet European country is all about feeling good. It is fashionable, compact and is a great value for money. The scenic view of the Baltic Sea is the perfect set up for clicking pictures with your friends or maybe just let the wind blow you off to another world- the choice is yours, but it is anyway spectacular. You will get budget dorms or guests houses to stay in which will give you the rustic feel while also putting together a contemporary world. And the food you get here is worth every Instagram picture. The best travel agencies in India offer lucrative deals on flights and hotels which will inspire you to book a holiday here with your friends.

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Do you remember the play “The Jew of Malta” by Shakespeare? No? Well, if you do, then you will know exactly how beautiful the place is. This Mediterranean archipelago is vividly evident in history and in the present. And Malta is having its moment right now! With the 17th century aura prominent in every street corner, the tunnels and the rich coast, the small country is at the height of its beauty and of course cultural representation. Though most of the people here lead a much laid back life, chilling on the sea beaches and getting tanned under the all-year present sun, the pop culture will want you and your friends to settle there.

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Los Angeles

The heart of Hollywood is worth the visit! The glitz and glamor are in abundance in the town and now with Uber, it is easier to move around from one place to another. According to leading travel enthusiasts, Los Angeles is one of the most desirable vacation spots, especially for group travelers. From taking a peek at the legendary at the Hollywood sign or take a stroll on the walk of Fame, visit the best theme parks or just roam around the city, LA will never cease to surprise you. Stay at a hip hotel in Koreatown and witness the nightlife of Hollywood. Group tour packages in India offers the best of everything in LA. So pay a visit to the city of angels with your besties.

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New Zealand

If there is something common between all the adventure seekers, except the fact that they are seeking adventure (duh!), is that they all want to visit New Zealand. With picturesque mountains in the background, lush green forests, crystal lakes (frozen during the winters) and walking trails, travelers get to enjoy the best of the wilderness in this small country in the Southern Hemisphere. The Paparoa Track and Pike29 Memorial Track will form a magnificent multi-day trek expedition with friends through the spectacular Southern Island. So if you long for an adventurous trekking trip with your buddies, this should be on your bucket list.

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So don’t wait any longer! You have delayed the trip with your friends for long and it is time to pump things up. Group holiday packages in India and abroad are offered by the best of the travel agencies. They take care of every aspect of the vacation without you having to fret or worry about anything. With great deals for 2018, make memories for a lifetime.


4 Must Visit Places All Over the World for Group Tours In 2018

4 Must Visit Places All Over the World for Group Tours In 2018

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