6 Full Proof Ways You Can Make Your Dream Cruise a Reality

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Flipping past the magazine pages or just casual internet surfing has shown you the picture of your dream holiday- on a cruise ship. You have your bags packed and you’re ready to hit out, but wait, you are lacking the funds to do so. Cruise ships can be expensive! And there is no denying that fact! But with the right steps in the right direction, you can have your dream granted to you. No, no genie will give you three wishes to grant, but it is you have to imply the techniques.

To help you realize your dreams, here are six full proof means that you need to undertake. Follow them and you might be sitting on the next liner trading over clear blue sea.

Increase your savings

According to experts, you should follow the SFSL format- Save First Spend Later. Most of us indulge in the format other way around, we spend first and are left with almost nothing to save, but it is time to change a few habits. If you want your cruise dream to come true, you need to keep aside money and in no time you will be able to afford nice long cruise holidays.

Decrease your daily splurges

As you start saving, also start curbing your daily expenses. Find the unnecessary spending in your daily life and cut them off immediately. Instead of visiting the Starbuck’s every time you crave coffee, put that money in a cruise fund jar. Added advantage, you not only save a lot of money but also cut down on the bad habits. So win win for all!

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Book a shoulder season cruise liner

For all who are really confused, shoulder season is the small time gap between the overcrowded season and the lackluster season. This is the time, the shoulder season, when cruise ships offer the most margin of discount to the travellers. Maybe you will not find the best of the weather and have limited activities on the ports, but you can actually enjoy the best of the events on the ship. And definitely have your dream come true.

Set your own transfers

Private transportation can be extremely expensive, so you need to play your cards right. Using public transportation can save you a lot of money. Buses, shared taxis and Uber are always easy on your pocket. It is always better to make your arrangements by yourself and prior to the trip, especially if you are travelling during the rush season.

Get the right travel agent

Internet can help you to an extent: you can get all the relevant information required, but if you want to ensure a smooth vacation, it is better to get hold of good travel agent. They can give you the inside scoop and help you find the best deals on the cruise ships. Have a heart to heart discussion with a travel agent before you plan a cruise ship holiday.

Stick to your budget

So once you have finalized everything and are already on board, don’t get to excited and spend all the money on that expensive restaurant you went to eat. Hold on to your budget and that so strictly. If you don’t want to suffer on-cruise nightmares, be careful about how you spend your money. Though most of the activities on a Star Cruise ship are free, there will be paid impromptu treats as well. Keep a tab on the expenses and stick to the pre-planned budget. Also, include the souvenir buying and shopping in the budget to be prepared for any unforeseen events.

To conclude, to achieve something, you have to toughen up. A vacation on the cruise ship is an experience of the lifetime and you should not miss out on it. Implementation of the above steps can help you get close to your dreams. Cheap cruise packages are available with the top travel agents in your city. Book one today! Bon Voyage!


6 Full Proof Ways You Can Make Your Dream Cruise a Reality

6 Full Proof Ways You Can Make Your Dream Cruise a Reality

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