5 Amazing Train Journeys You Must Ride In India!

Yes, it is true. Air is probably a more convenient and less time staking way to get anywhere today, and there is really no question about that. However, there is a certain romanticism about railways that really makes a traveler at heart weak in the knees.

The railway system in India is one of the largest and most penetrating cross country travelling method in the whole world. It is no surprise that with the kind of geographic variety that the nation boasts, there will be many tracks that are a sight in itself.

In this blog, we are going to list our top picks for you – because all of them are an experience worth having. Just get in touch with holiday tour groups for a smooth experience –

Mandapam to Rameswaram

This scenic and rather adventurous track is just a thin bridge in the middle of the ocean and connects the Rameswaram island to the mainland. It is treacherous to look at, but also a rather exciting journey for anyone who likes to get the adrenaline pumping.

Considered one of the most adventurous journeys, it is no wonder that people love to get tickets to this one.

Once you have travelled this route over the azure blue ocean, you will have a different perspective in life!

Jodhpur to Jaisalmer in the Desert Queen

Deserts are often taken for granted and its natural beauty underrated in many ways – especially one like Thar that is full of picturesque sand dunes and a blips of wild colors.

However, there is a chance for you to absorb this breathtaking beauty in all its glory and that is why you need to travel on the Desert Queen.

Watching the sun rise above the ochre dunes of sand will be an experience that you should not miss for the world. The sweet lullaby that the train sings will be one that rings in your ears for eternity!

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

This is a cult railway experience for more than one reason, and whether you are a traveler at heart, or a film buff – this Ooty train is a must have experience. It is a steep climb and India’s only rack railway track which makes it a number holder on your bucket list.

Also, this is the railway line where Chaiyya Chaiyya was shot – and we already know how beautiful that looked. So, if you are a movie buff, this is also somewhere you need to be!

Matheran Hill Railway

If you are travelling to Maharashtra and want to do something offbeat, then getting on the Matheran Hill Railway should definitely be on your itinerary. This is the only heritage railway route left in the state.

Crossing acres of forest land, it is a sight to watch and probably an experience that cannot be compromised at all.

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Dooars Voyage

If you love wild life and forests and want to be on a train that cuts right deep in the middle of vast wilderness, then the Dooars Voyage is the way to go. Dissecting areas like Buxa, Chapramari, and Jaldapara – it is one to definitely try and experience!

It is fascinating ride and you should always keep an eye out for some wildlife spotting.

While you could book any of these trains on your own, getting confirmed tickets is quite difficult. Therefore, the best idea is to contact a travel agency in Kolkata for more!



5 Amazing Train Journeys You Must Ride In India!

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