Why India Is The Complete Tourist Package For Foreigners And Citizens Alike?

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Even with its idiosyncrasies, India has been on a path of continuous tourist with over 10 million people coming here from abroad in the last year. Even when it comes to Indian nationals taking a tour of the country, the numbers have increased by 2.3% to more than 1652 million people.

But what is it that makes this country a fine tourist place? To the geographer or a traveler filled with wanderlust, India is an amalgamation of every possible scenic location.

In this blog, we are going to point out the different reasons which make our country a must on every bucket list! Let’s take a look –

1. Every possible geographic ecosystem

From vast expanses of beaches on exotic coastlines to a snow capped hinterland in the North, amazing rain forests, rich flora and fauna, and one of the most beautiful deserts you will ever come across, this country is the finest cocktail.

There are tropical places that give you the Thailandish beauty through and through, whether you are Diu or the Andaman Islands, whereas the might Himalayas in the North dwarf every other snowcapped peak you have ever seen before.

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The tropical rainforests in are located throughout the Western Coast, whereas the East has one of the largest delta mangrove forests in the world. One trip around the country and you will never look at a natural sight around the world that you have never seen before, be grasslands or sand dunes.

2. The beauty of culture and diversity

India has its own essence and its structure that speaks volumes about the motto ‘unity in diversity’ is a brilliant thing to witness.

When you leave your comfort zone to go around with a best travel agency in Kolkata around the place, you realize a lot more about this brilliant nation than you had earlier predisposed!

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Every state has its own mores and traditions, and there is always something you will find weirdly intriguing and with a lot of interest. You can absorb the good things and always take a different perspective from the rest.

3. Flora and fauna at its best

If there is one place on earth that can compete with the ecological diversity of the great continent of Africa, then it is without a doubt India.

With floral hotspots like Valley of Flowers that are a scene for the sore eyes, to indigenous species like the Indian elephant, Royal Bengal Tiger, One horned Rhinoceros, and so many more species, it is a treat to watch.

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Whether you want to experience wildlife safaris or walk in blissful meadows full of rare wild flowers, this country will not disappoint.

These are the 3 reasons why India is and always will be a national and global hotspot for tourism – with every state there is so much to see and experience. To indulge in it the best possible way, you can always get in touch with tour groups in India for the ultimate experience!

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Why India Is The Complete Tourist Package For Foreigners And Citizens Alike?

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