5 Crazy Festivals Around The World That You Must Visit!

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The world is a crazy place and even if on the surface things seem otherwise, there is always a latent bit of craziness lurking just underneath it. Want some proof in the matter? Well, this blog is going to provide you with plenty. Ready to find out what?
These festivals around the world are a bit unconventional, but in most cases, they are plenty fun. In fact, all of them would be a perfect fit to your bucket list of letting loose, if that is the kind of thing you are into – because at the end of the day, it is all about living your life to the fullest in a responsible way – and these seem to make the list. Let’s take a look –

1.Italian orange fight festival

In Italy’s Ivrea village, every year there is an orange fight festival much like the Spanish La Tomatina which indulges in throwing oranges in organized groups. Some of them even wear the costumes of roman soldiers to get a medieval time feel and that is definitely something worth watching. In fact, you might even be willing to participate in this frenzy during your visit to Italy as a part of your international holiday packages.

2.The Thailand Monkey Buffet

If you like animals and want to feed them, then visiting Thailand is a good idea and you must visit their Monkey Buffet that takes place every November in the Lopburi province. The whole festival involves bringing in lots of fruits, vegetables, and eatables – only to lay them out on mats, temples, or pyramids and wait for the monkeys to come and have a gala time.

Animal lovers will have a wonderful time clicking pictures or enjoying the whole tale, and one can even go all out and do their own thing during this time, buying all the things they have ever thought of serving a monkey!

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3.South Korean Mud Festival

Celebrated in Boryeong, this festival happens in July and the mud cakes are brought in Daecheon beach. It is a special kind that contains a lot of healthy minerals and is extensively used in making cosmetics. Locals along with tourists enjoy smearing themselves and others with the mud and even participate in mud baths, slides, and other such games.

You can choose to take pictures of the wonderful sight that casts away all barriers and brings together a kind of playfulness that is seldom found in today’s world. Or you can participate and be a part of it – make your own memories that will last you a lifetime.

4.Kanamara Matsuri Festival in Japan

Looking to make your international tour packages a little R rated? Then the festival of the steel Phallus that happens every year in Japan’s Kawasaki province is what you need to attend. The celebration is exactly what it sounds like – it worships the penis and also raises sexual awareness, HIV funds, and promotes safe sex.

Embedded in 17th century history as the festival of concubines to pray for their protection from sexually transmitted diseases, this one is one to definitely look forward to. Everything is shaped like an erection – from lollipops and candies to giant phallus shaped idols of penises – not something to miss for the youthful and fun hearted, especially since it takes away all the taboo from the act.

5.Cooper’s Hill Cheese Ball Festival

If you like cheese and are willing to work for it then this festival is one to find on your list – the celebration happens in Gloucester, England at a place called Cooper’s Hill. Participants are made to roll down the slope of the landscape and chase the ball, and the first one to cross the line winds. Want to know how exciting it is?

Check out some of the videos on social media and you shall have a proper idea.

These are some of the whackiest festivals you can find and if you are a traveler on the lookout for the offbeat and fun, then these 5 are definitely going to make it to your bucket list. So, just get packing for your next tour and try to score them one by one!

5 Crazy Festivals Around The World That You Must Visit!

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