3 Backpacking Tricks You Need To Learn Before Your Next Trip

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Backpacking is quite an exciting thing and if you are an adventurer at heart, then it is something to look forward to – no questions about that. However, there is to more it than that. Backpacking exposes you to nature in a good way and bad – and fighting the elements can get pretty tricky if you don’t have some survival tricks up your sleeve.

Here we have brought 8 of the survival kits that you need during your tours as an adventure traveler, just so you don’t get into the wrong situations, and even if you do, you have some idea of what could get you out. Or you could just get in touch with famous travel agencies in Kolkata and get travel with their group tours. But for now, let’s take a look –

1.Starting a fire with little things

It’s always a good thing to carry a box of extra large matchsticks, but in case you do not have one, you could still start camp fire. The process is very simple and the first thing you need to get is dry tinder – anything from bark of wood, to dry leaves will do. If you are in a moist rainforest like area where getting dry tinder is tough, you need to shave through the bark of trees and get some dry shavings.

Once the tinder is collected, you need to find a dry stick and grind it like a drill on the tinder bed. This could take some time, so you should not lose hope very quickly. Once the tinder bed is warm enough, it will catch fire and then you have to blow in, put in some sticks and logs to make the embers into roaring camp fire.

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2.Dealing with frostbites the right way

Hiking on frozen trails in subzero temperatures can often be an inflicting journey and frostbites are pretty common too. Now, we have all heard how these bites can lead to amputations, but there is no need for you to get scared and try to thaw it immediately. Remember, thawing a frostbite and then getting it refrozen surely means you are going to have to amputate.

So, don’t dry to get it thawed before you reach a medical facility. In fact, it is important to some degree that the bite doesn’t thaw itself. Once you have reached a facility, you can have a warm bath and proper procedures can be undertaken to take care of the bite. Also, putting your frost-bitten parts into fire is not a good idea and can get you severe burns due to the numbness that seeps in.

3.Finding lost way in the woods

Finding your way in the woods can be tricky business if you have lost track of yourself. Understanding what part of the day it and following the sun is a good idea. If the sun is directly overhead then it is around noon, and you should travel accordingly. However, if its night time, then the pole star is what you need to look for to make your idea about the different directions.

These are the 3 survival tricks that you shall need if you are out backpacking on your solo adventure. However, if you want a mellower experience then you could always get in touch with reputed travel agencies in Kolkata and get on with their adventurous backpack trips!


3 Backpacking Tricks You Need To Learn Before Your Next Trip

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