5 Kinds of People You Will Meet During Assembled Group Travels

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Assembled group travels are something that probably every person loves during the course of the journey. Generally conducted by travel agencies, these groups are brought together when they sign up with the company for a specific tour.

In the beginning of the journey, everybody feels a bit anxious about how the trip will be. Will it be fun and exciting, or slow and awkward? More often than not, by the end of it all, most people start enjoying the camaraderie and it becomes an experience worth remembering. However, there is always the fun side of the coin  some unique characters you are likely to spot in these kind of travelling groups; and that is kind of what makes them fun. There are many travel agents of repute; all you need to do is find a top agency arranging the best group tours in India.

1. The Love Birds

This could be the newly wed honeymoon couples, or two people who are madly in love with each other. They sit together, and eat together all the time and are always on the lookout for couples like them to befriend. Love birds are excited during every turn and halt of the journey and you can always see the man being the woman’s personal photographer while she poses away. Every now and then, they will ask a non-suspecting passer-by or travel mate to click a picture of them, together!

2. The Photographer

A man or woman on a mission, the photographer loves his shots more than anything else. Minimalist in dressing and always accompanied by their camera bag, this person will often skip meals if it is time for the sunrise or sunset. Dreaded and despised by travel guides more often than not, he/ she often sets on their own path for the perfect capture, stressing out everyone else’ itinerary!

3. The Foodie

In love with this gut and belly, this person is the one who talks to the travel planner a day in advance to know what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day. Often dissatisfied with the quality and choice of food, he can be seen on the fringes of the group, trying to find something delectable to set his hands on. Sometimes successful and sometimes not, he is the friend you need if you love your grub, too.

4.The Senior Couple

Set out to rediscover their youth or reminisce their old memories, they have toiled on this journey of wanderlust after their pension plans have kicked in. Well-informed about itineraries and timing, they travel the old school way and have most likely visited the places they are in. Sometimes this couple turn out to be very friendly and have a bagful of funny, adventurous stories for anyone who would care to lend their ears and they end up having an unexpected gala time, too! In order to make the most of the group holiday packages in India with people of different moods and colors, you must do your homework and choose a reliable travel agent.



5 Kinds of People You Will Meet During Assembled Group Travels

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