5 Portable Things You Can Travel With To Make Friends On a Group Tour

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Group tours can become really exciting if you actually make friends while you are travelling, but there is always this awkward thing that you have to deal with in most cases, before people actually start getting comfortable with each other. However, that doesn’t have to be the case and if you do things well enough, you will be able to snap the attention of your fellow travel mates; and within a few hours, you might become the star of the group. But for that to happen, you must have some of the items or things listed below with you during the group tour. And if you do all of them, then you are indeed a travel genius! Now let’s take a look at what you need –

  1. A Deck of Cards

Simple, yet very effective and easy to carry, a deck of cards could go a long way on a group tour, especially if you are on a train. The best thing about a deck is that it allows one to play so many games and obviously there are some that are very common. Also, cards are very social, and you cannot really play it without others joining in and this adds the perfect ambience for a sense of camaraderie. In fact, if in case you are into card tricks and can pull some off with relative ease, you might soon become the life of the party and the center stage of all the fun during the trip.

  1. Board Games

Preferably something easy to play in terms of the space and amenities required – like chess or Ludo. Indians have a soft corner for both these games and while the former needs some sort of niche, the latter has more mass appeal and can be played by up to 4 players. This adds a lot more options for social interaction during group tours in India and makes it easier for you to make friends with people. You could also go for monopoly, or business-based board games that can be played by up to 8 players – but for that, you will also need to keep track of all the funds and properties and it looks like too much intimacy with people you don’t even know yet. However, as the sense of familiarity increases, it could turn into a riot and you might have a gala time bonding with your fellow travel mates.

  1. A Portable Musical Instrument

It could be something like the guitar or Ukulele, but that is a skill and if you don’t know how to play something like that, there isn’t much of a chance for you to start learning something so vast just before a vacation trip. In that case, you could carry something like a Bluetooth speaker or extra bass Bluetooth headphones and you are good to go. Music has always been something that has helped people come together and the same goes for these instruments, too. Soon, you might find requests pouring in during bus tours and car rides while people join in to make it a group thing!

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  1. Portable Video Games

This always works for kids, teens, and young adults – if your mobile phone or portable gaming console can pack in some of the new fun, then you are in for a treat. You might lend it to others or play in turns, and within no time, you are going to be the hero for all the young people around you. If that isn’t a social advantage on a trip, then not many things are.

  1. Your Favorite Bunch of Magazines

Magazines are fun in hard copies and no matter how many apps you have on the phone, it will never match up to the experience of actually holding one in your hand. So, if you have a bunch of the latest mags with you, one for all kinds of sensibilities like fashion, men’s lifestyle, health, women’s lifestyle, and automobiles, people are bound to ask you for a read any time. And that is an easy cue for you to start a conversation and bond with people of similar mindset while travelling.

You might choose to carry all of the above items, some, or even one and that would still give you a better chance at meeting new people and making friends than if you had none of them. So, the decision is yours, but you should not forget to carry the most important thing of all. An open mind, so that you can indeed accept people as they are and value them for what they think rather than how they look!

To make things fall in place, it is absolutely necessary that you get in touch with one of the best travel agencies in Kolkata or group tour operators, planning all on your behalf with no hiccups, whatsoever!


5 Portable Things You Can Travel With To Make Friends On a Group Tour


5 Portable Things You Can Travel With To Make Friends On a Group Tour

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